A Self-Care Saga: Wonyoungism – Elevating Self-Care and Personal Empowerment


Imagine yourself standing on the verge of a new day as the first rays of dawn spread over the sky. Birds are singing to the sun as the world begins to awaken, and a soft wind heralds a future filled with limitless possibilities. In the middle of all the chaos of life, there is a whispered invitation to begin a path of self-care but before we jump into that, what exactly is self-care?

There are various ways to define self-care, but for me, it means everything you do to look after your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Self-care is not solely reserved for a particular gender, age, or religion. There are no rules or guidelines when it comes to self-care; everything depends on your personal preferences. People of any gender, age, or religion may start practising self-care and taking advantage of the numerous advantages it has to offer.

The creator of Wonyoungism – Wonyoung from the KPop Girl Group named IVE

The term “self-care” refers to a variety of activities that you engage in for your own physical and emotional well-being. These activities can range from small ones, like taking a five-minute break each day, to essential ones, like treating yourself to a spa day once a week.

There is a whisper, a subtle revolution known as “Wonyoungism,” in a society that is frequently devoured by modernity’s clamour and the tireless quest for growth and development. Now what is Wonyoungism? The movement Wonyoungism arose from a K-pop star named Jang Wonyoung, who is known as the It Girl of the Fourth Generation. The phrase  “원영” (Wonyoung) in Korean, which means “eternal” or “forever young,” serves as the source of the term. It is a way of thinking and living that is based on the idea of taking care of oneself to maintain a condition of constant physical and mental development.

Fundamentally, Wonyoungism encourages everyone, regardless of age or situation in their lives, to take proactive steps to improve their well-being. Now, why does the self-care phenomenon revolve around this specific idol? It is well known that Jang Wonyoung has a positive outlook on life and a love-your-self attitude, which has enabled her to endure all of the hateful remarks and other negative feedback. The word “Wonyoungism” was coined as a result of her efforts to spread love and encourage people to put their preferences ahead of those of others. 

An example of Wonyoungism ideology

Now, if one is among those people who spend hours on TikTok or is a K-pop fan, one way or another, they must have somehow stumbled onto one of those Wonyoungism core videos. Those videos solely focus on tips on how to improve oneself mentally and physically, how to act around people, how to think highly of oneself to boost one’s self-esteem, and such.

Personally, this individual is one of those who follow the tips given in those videos, as they found them to be helpful in their journey of self-care and healing. The advice presented in the videos is something that anybody can accomplish because it costs no money but does demand work and dedication. One of those videos included advice on how to feel good about oneself, which is one of their favourite pieces of advice.

As a person who struggles with self-love, those videos helped them and gave them the boost to love themselves, which resulted in their never-ending journey of self-care. Wonyoungism places self-care at the forefront of daily life. It emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and self-love as the foundation for a happy and fulfilling existence. Followers of Wonyoungism are encouraged to engage in regular self-care practices that include meditation, exercise, proper nutrition, and mindfulness.

Fews snippets of Wonyoungism routines

Wonyoungism’s capacity to subvert age-related boundaries and biases is among its most significant characteristics. Wonyoungism promotes the belief that age shouldn’t be a barrier to self-improvement and personal progress in a society where maturing is frequently associated with physical deterioration and limited potential. Regardless of age, this mentality change has motivated many people to start self-care journeys and has produced transformative outcomes. Wonyoungism understands the importance of the relationship between mental health and self-care.

Wonyoungism promotes practices that help people be calm in their minds and have emotional strength, such as mindfulness and meditation. The ultimate result is that it helps people better manage stress, anxiety, and depression, which improves mental health and well-being. As someone who follows the Wonyoungism movement and is a fan of Wonyoung herself, they find her mindset admirable, so they strive to follow and implement her ways of thinking into their daily lives.

The fact that self-care doesn’t often require a complete alteration of oneself is something they keep in mind. They have to modify a few of the Wonyoungism video tips for them to match their personality, their schedule, and their image. The most important thing is to figure out what works best for them. These videos are only a guide to what one can do; in the end, the choice should be one’s own. They try their best to be true to themselves and do what makes them feel most comfortable.

The truth that everybody needs to practice for a healthy lifestyle

Wonyoungism emphasizes not just the improvement of one’s physical and mental health but also of one’s character. Followers are urged to make plans, follow their hobbies, and always push themselves to become better versions of themselves. This self-empowerment promotes a sense of fulfilment and purpose, further increasing general self-care.

A welcoming and accepting group of like-minded people has also emerged as a result of Wonyoungism’s growth. Wonyoungism adherents communicate their experiences, give support, and share helpful information with people wishing to advance their self-care journeys through online forums, social media groups, and local events. This sense of belonging and shared purpose has been the driving force behind its success.

After spending the majority of your waking hours online, knowing that many people share your goals may motivate you to work hard. I have received encouragement from numerous Wonyoungism followers online, and they have all been wonderful and kind people. Their kindness and support have inspired the author to work hard, and it’s comforting to know that you are not alone. 

All in all, love yourself

Now, open your eyes and return to the present. The idea of “Wonyoungism” clings to the air, an open invitation to set off on a transforming journey. It’s a way of thinking that reminds us that life’s most profound insights frequently lie in the stillness of the present, the ordinary marvels, and the beauty of our existence.

When one investigates Wonyoungism, one sets out on a journey of self-discovery, in which the remarkable is discovered in the commonplace, and the richness of life is cherished in each breath. It’s a philosophy that inspires people to create their truths and write their narratives to live actual and satisfying lives. Thank you for reading, and until then, take good care of yourself, dear readers. 


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  1. At this time and age, there is nothing more important than taking care of urself.

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