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Microsoft has announced that they are shutting down support for Windows 10. Have you heard of that?

In April 2025, Windows 10 will no longer receive additional support from Microsoft. This means that your laptop will no longer get security updates, or major updates, and your laptop is more bound to be exposed to security threats. Why would they do this? Well, honestly Windows 10 has already been 10 years old — the same reason why they ended support for Windows 7.

I think we all can get the message here: Microsoft is trying to push the users to shift towards their latest operating system: Windows 11. Shouldn’t be a problem, right? Just head over to the settings, go to Windows update, and then there should be an option for you to upgrade to Windows 11 for free.

Problem starts when your computer does not meet the minimum requirements to upgrade to Windows 11. You’ll see something like this:

If you’re using newer models of laptop, this shouldn’t pose too much of a problem; they’ve fixed the issue. But there are older models of computers and laptops that some of us are still using, and they might not be able to upgrade to this. This isn’t just the issue with us, either — often than not we can see computers in our local library, school, and office still using outdated models. Some of them are even still using Windows 7. Look at the graph here:

See how Windows operating system completely dominates the market share in Malaysia. Windows towers over MacOS, the operating system for MacBook. Which means that major computers in Malaysia rely heavily on this operating system. And this is how many of these computers are using Windows 10:

See how Windows 10 is still being used by a major percentage of computers, and Windows 11 only makes not even half the fraction here? So think about it — in less than two years from now, they need to upgrade the operating system if they want to prevent unnecessary attacks. Some of us probably need to get another laptop or so just to prevent dealing with potential attacks, too. No?

Now What?

Maybe it’s about time we ‘explore’ other options. We’re not just stuck with Windows, mind you. We can switch to other operating systems. Notice that we mainly have: Windows, MacOS, and Linux (‘Others’ stands for something else). I’ll briefly detail you on each and every option for other operating systems, and what you can expect from these.

This is important as well — you should know, as a consumer, that you have rights. You’re not restricted to one thing only; you’re free to explore. So, when push comes to shove, like in this case, you know you are not restricted.

Enter; MacOS

So this week, let’s start with MacOS. The Macbook Operating System has, and always will be versatile when it comes to UI and design language. They look beautiful. The home screen, the dock, the menu bar — even the action centre are designed in a way that they are both practical and minimalistic. Plus it has little to no issues with compatibility. Each and every programme that you install on MacOS, chances are, they won’t malfunction, freeze, or crash. 

The problems you tend to have in Windows are far less likely to happen here. It works similarly to how applications on iOS are running smoothly with little to no problems — they have catered to these operating systems. They work on Windows, too, mind you. The reason why they work so well in MacOS is because the models using the MacOS consist of only MacBooks, and we don’t have tons of variations of MacBooks. Take a look at the Final Cut Pro, or Adobe Premiere Pro, for example. They work flawlessly on MacOS.

So what’s really the issue here?

What’s really the fear of having MacOS?

The problem is money. MacOS can only run on MacBooks, and MacBooks aren’t exactly affordable. The cheapest model you can find is RM4,399. That’s roughly the price of my motorcycle outside there — I might as well just buy a new one; my motorcycle is already begging for its life right now. You can try to have it installed on Windows laptops, but chances are it will just break. You can try to emulate the operating system on a virtual machine, but then you’ll be running two operating systems in one sitting. That takes resources, which obviously isn’t ideal. You would want to only run one operating system.

There’s another issue with MacOS. For gamers, particularly. You won’t really find people who use MacBook play games. MacOS is not designed for games, and neither are the MacBooks. They usually lack the hardware needed to run heavy titles. So no, you won’t be able to play Fortnite on max settings. 

Mac Pro price (screenshot taken from

Before you start approaching me with the news that “Oh Apple just announced that they have PC ports for Apple devices now!” yes, but it’s applicable for Apple Silicon Pro. You know, the one that looks like a cheese grater? The one that costs half of the price of a Myvi? Yes. Standard MacBook or iMac won’t be able to support heavy titles.

So unless you have the money, and you’re generally doing productivity-related tasks and not in gaming, MacOS is suitable for you.


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