Anime Characters Are Based On Cats?

Anime are Cats


The obsession with anime characters with astounding handsomeness and cuteness is not a new thing. Viewers tend to have one or more favourite characters in the anime that they’re watching. Sometimes because of the power possessed by the characters, and most of the time because the visual is fatal-like charm (added with badass attitude? Ummph!) 

Below is an example of some famous characters due to their visual;

Yes, these are all designed based on cats

Jujutsu Kaisen – Goujo Satoru, Nanami Kento, Mei Mei, Sukuna

Tokyo Ghoul – Ken Kaneki

Attack on Titan – Levi Ackerman, Eren Jaeger

Bungou Stray Dogs – Osamu Dazai

Yamada-kun to Lvl999 – Yamada

Hori Miya – Miyamura Izumi

Fruits Basket – Kyo Sohma, Yuki Sohma, Hatsuharu Sohma, Akito Sohma

THE LIST COULD GO ON FOREVER but I’m not gonna list down every character. Of course, female characters are always cute and pretty almost in all anime.

So where does the theory that anime characters are based on cats surfaced? It all started from a viral video on TikTok by an account that goes by the username ‘asmongoldstories’. The video shows the TikToker reading a Reddit post from a Japanese regarding the theory. The post stated that the goal of manga anime was neither Japanese nor Caucasian, because if you pursue ‘cute’ it resembles a kitten. I will let the pictures below do the explanation.

Anime illustration based on a cat (Source: Quora – Amazon Chameleon)
Anime illustration based on a cat (Source: Quora – Amazon Chameleon)

Even though the theory is plausible, I wouldn’t say that it’s 100% true for all anime. While it may be applicable to some animation styles, some other animations have different styles of illustration. For example, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Paradise Kiss, Attack on Titan, Slam Dunk, and many more. 

Characters from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (Source:

In conclusion, I think it is safe to say that the cat-like theory is only applicable to too-good-to-be true-anime characters. Apparently, there is no concrete evidence from the illustrators themselves regarding the illustration theory, but I am not disagreeing with the theory all the way, as it is obvious once it was pointed out. 

Anyway, I am a cat person. Ergo, I’ve got nothing to lose. I’m just going to keep on shipping the characters that suit my taste, as you do with yours. Till then, MATA NEE~


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