Anime Genres 101: You Thought You Knew All Anime Genres? Think Again – Sub Genres


Welcome aboard to those who have mastered the 11 Major Genres in Anime. For those who have no idea what I am talking about, maybe you can check out our discussion about the topic by clicking here.

So, remember I mentioned that an anime does not have to be 1 genre? It might have up to 7 genres per anime. Hence, anime sites always tag an anime with as many categories as they can. It is to ensure a high search rate for every genre that viewers filtered. It is also very helpful to viewers who prefer certain genres, be it demographically, plot-wise, or types of relationships in an anime.

Sub-genre itself can be categorized into a few parts, but among other divisions, this is the division that I think is the easiest to detect and remember; Explicit, Themes, and Demographic. I will explain the sub-genres by each category; however, I will hand-pick some of the popular sub-genres only. If I were to include all sub-genres that exist, we might have to discuss them in more than 10 posts.

Shall we start? (Taking a deep breath)

The 3 Categories of Anime Sub-Genre

  1. Explicit: this kind of anime is not safe for work (NSFW)
  2. Themes: most people often refer to this sub-genre category. It refers to the overall settings or the background of an anime
  3. Demographic: it categorized the anime based on the age range of its targetted audience. Be it high school students, working adults, or children.


This is the anime where you might see a disclaimer at its start. Or, you might receive a warning from your website security asking whether you are 18+ before you proceed to watch said anime.

Some anime suggestions under Explicit sub-genre


This is where the anime is categorized based on its overall idea of the story or the environment it portrays. Personally, I use themes a lot as filters to find the anime that I would like to watch. There are more than 20 themes and I will not list them all. Below are the popular themes you might have heard or seen.

Some anime suggestions under Theme sub-genre


If you prefer to watch an anime within a certain age range, you can rely on the demographic sub-genres to filter your search. However, the names of the sub-genres under demographic are originally pointing towards the targeted audience. 

For instance, Shoujo anime that depicts anime with young girls is meant to be for young girls’ audience. But since more and more anime viewers appeared, it is highly likely that an adult, for example, enjoys watching Shoujo anime for its refreshing storyline topped up with bright cuteness.

Some anime suggestions under Demographic sub-genre

Phewww! … I wish I could make it simpler, but trust me, this is the simplest it could get to explain anime genres. I hope with my explanations on both Major and Sub-genres of anime, you will have a clear picture in which category your favourite anime resides.




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  1. Dude i LOVEE dress up darling, didnt know its under the Seinen sub category hahah. Its such a easy going and cute series, perfect for winding down after work lol. Thanks for sharing btw happy to see some familiar titles the all 3 parts!

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