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We discussed on the need to explore other operating systems in our previous posts after Microsoft announced that they are shutting down support for Windows 10. We talked about MacOS and Linux.

If either is unappealing, then there’s one more option you can try out: modified Windows.

Modified Windows
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The term modified already sounds terrifying to some, perhaps because the term ‘modified’ is often associated with deviation from what is intended. It already gives a bad impression, in some ways, but don’t worry too much. It’s not a bad thing in the computer world. 

If anything, it gives more options for you to try out in case things go haywire with Microsoft. So modified Windows can come in many ways. Some of them are meant to only tweak a few things to increase performance, while the rest are complete overhaul. I’ll give you a few examples to work with: Tiny10 or Tiny11.

The name ‘Tiny’ alone is enough to give you an insight of what it is all about. It’s about having all the key features you need in a small package. But the thing about this Tiny10 or Tiny11 is that, it’s just Windows. It’s not a completely new operating system — it’s Windows. So, you’ll have no issues with doing your everyday tasks on this modified operating system. 

What’s good about it, though, is that since the sizes of this installation package is reductively small compared to the standard installation file, you can save a lot more space on your hard drive. Maybe you can fit in that last few videos left on your phone. But what’s even more good is that it gets rid of so many bloatwares and background services normally found. So yes, it definitely helps with eliminating sluggish performance on your laptop. Gaming helps tremendously, too. You can have browsers opening in the background while doing other tasks without your laptop shutting down unexpectedly, so that’s a good sign.

But of course, modified Windows do have their caveats. Let me remind you again that these are modified operating systems. That means that there could be potential crashes when running certain programmes on your laptop, because some of the background services found in standard installation packages have already been removed. So, whenever these programmes want to access these resources, they’re no longer there. So they would just crash. That’s the main issue. Another problem is that Windows updates are no longer applicable to your laptop if you install this operating system. 

Like I said, this modified Windows removes some of the services found in the standard Windows, so updating your computer through Windows updates in settings will only break it. You don’t want to do that. What you want to do, is to download any update found on the website for the respective modified Windows that you took it from. If you install Tiny11, then you’ll need to look for the latest update for Tiny11 on their website. If they don’t have any releases yet, you’ll just have to wait. It’s a hassle for sure. But then again, dealing with Windows has never been easy, so neither is beautiful really.


Ultimately, it is all truly dependent: there is no one-size-fits-all operating system. Your decision should be driven by your priorities, whether it’s productivity, security, ease of use, or customisation. Whichever path you choose, it’s a testament to the technological diversity that empowers us to tailor our computing experience to match our unique demands.

As technology continues to evolve, so too will these operating systems, promising even more innovation and user-centric features. The key is to stay informed, adapt, and select the operating system that best aligns with your ever-evolving digital journey. Humans aren’t perfect, and neither are the operating systems.


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