BoBoiBoy Returns With New Power Upgrades

BoBoiBoy and friends return to save Power Spheres from every corners of the universe.


After four years, the powerful user of the seven elemental powers, BoBoiBoy, returns to meet fans just in time for the upcoming school holiday in December.

It was reported that the BoboiBoy Galaxy Season 2 animation will be based on the 27 issues BoBoiBoy Galaxy Season 2 comic series issued from 16th March 2020. 

According to the creator of BoBoiBoy and Monsta CEO, Nizam Abd Razak, there will be a total of four arcs in the next season. They are Sori, Windara, Gentar and Gur’latan. Each of the arcs will have six episodes and will be aired during each school holiday season starting this December until June 2025. 

Expansion of Power Sphere Universe: Monsta’s upcoming projects

It was also teased during the Monsta Con 2023 held recently that Monsta will be busy until 2027 with various projects to expand their Power Sphere Cinematic Universe. This includes another three seasons of Mechamato, Famili Papa Pipi, the third BoBoiBoy Movie, the second Mechamato movie, and an unspecified BxM project, which we assumed could be the first crossover of our beloved characters; BoBoiBoy and Mechamato. While we definitely can’t wait for all of these upcoming projects, let’s just focus on BoBoiBoy Galaxy Season 2 for now.

New Elemental Fusion – BoBoiBoy Sori Makes Animation Debut

Fresh off the battle against the ancient elemental power user, Retak’ka, BoBoiBoy, Fang, Yaya, Ying, Gopal and Ochobot return to the intergalactic organisation, TAPOPS (Tracker and Protector of Power Spheres) to continue their mission of protecting Power Spheres in all corners of the universe. BoBoiBoy must also continue developing his elemental powers of Blaze, Ice, Thunderstorm, Cyclone, Quake, Thorn and Solar advancing them into the third stage (like how Retak’ka did).

During the events of BoBoiBoy The Movie 2, the elemental hero managed to unlock a new type of ability known as elemental fusion during the final battle against Retak’ka, where he fuses two different elemental powers to unlock a new singular and more powerful forms including BoBoiBoy FrostFire (Blaze + Ice), Glacier (Quake + Ice) and the mighty powerful Supra (Solar + Thunderstorm). Monsta comic series fans would be glad to know that more fusion forms will be making their animation debut including BoBoiBoy Sori (Solar + Thorn), Rumble (Quake + Thunderstorm) and Sopan (Solar + Cyclone). 

A new elemental fusion! 

It was also hinted that more and more enemies are going after TAPOPS, as Commander Koko Ci reported that attacks against the organisation have risen to 500% since BoBoiBoy joined them. Hopefully, the heroes could complete their training and unlock more power upgrades before the enemies come and claim power spheres for evil purposes.

Catch the latest season of BoBoiBoy Galaxy on Monsta’s official Youtube channel, and Netflix from 3rd December 2023. You can also watch it on Media Prima’s TV9 starting 13th December 2023. 


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