Cultural Chronicles: Unveiling Asia’s wanders through YouTube Channels 


Are you always hungry to know more about astonishing facts all around Asia? Well, we’ve got you covered. Out of all the countless YouTube channels out there, we’ve listed down among the top three best YouTube channels to explore in-depth the unforeseen facts across Asia continents! 

1) Asian Boss 

Asian Boss is a South Korean YouTube Channel dedicated solely to documenting and spreading education about modern life in Asian countries. This channel specifically uses an interview approach to explore in depth the society’s opinions such as the life expenses of foreigners living in Korea and unique tourist spots. 

Besides that, Asian Boss has also extended its wings to uncover in detail the issues faced by the globe by interviewing experts in particular fields. For example, AsianBoss

has conducted an interview session with a former elite North Korean Spy to unravel what his life was like as an elite North Korean as well as how and why he decided to escape from the country. This YouTube Channel delves into valuable content that would make viewers glued to the screen! 

2) Daebak Show 

Hosted by one of Korea’s top solo singers and songwriters, Eric Nam, this Daebak Show delves into the lives of Korean and other Asian celebrities. Here, Eric interviews top and rising celebrities to unravel their journey to pursue careers in the showbiz industry. Celebrities who have been invited include Jackson Wang, Yim Si Wang, Stray Kids, and Jessi. Fans would learn a lot about their idols’ career backgrounds from their early days! 

3) Jin Streets Interview 

Here, Jin conducts street interviews with Koreans or foreigners living in South Korea to explore the point of view of the interviewees on various topics. Some of the

eye-catching topics include ‘Being an interracial couple in South Korea’, ‘What’s it actually like dating a Korean guy’, and ‘What’s it like teaching English as an Asian-American in South Korea’. These are just a few topics from the exhaustive list that have been explored in this channel. It is without doubt, worth every second of your time to gather valuable insights into what is like living in Korea as a Korean or foreigner.

To Sum Up

It is always a wonder to learn about other countries’ lifestyles and perspectives. Even though the shows I shared above centred around South Koreans, if you watched them, they are talking about other countries’ cultures as well since the guests are diverse.

So, not having enough money to travel is not a reason for us to not open our eyes!

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