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On the 27th November 2023, it was confirmed that Science Saru Animation Studio will be producing the Dandadan anime which will be released in 2024. Although no specific release date has been revealed, a visual teaser has been posted. By the time you’re reading this post, there will be several accounts you can watch it from. 

Dandadan Anime Official Teaser Trailer (Source: AniLand TV YouTube)

The Synopsis

Briefly, the story is about a girl, Momo Ayase, who is a supernatural avid who believes in ghosts and saves a boy named Ken Takakura a.k.a Okarun from being bullied. During the short introduction between them, it turns out that Ken is an alien believer. They ended up bickering about whose belief was the real one.

Thus began the paranormal pursuits of both of them to find proof for their betting. Not a spoiler, but both were hit by reality when they each stumble upon both supernatural and extraterrestrial findings. Only then do they realize that the world is facing an uproar. The two magnet poles came together as they attempted to get back to their normal life in a normal world.

Among the funny yet epic panel in the Dandadan Manga (Source: Reddit – Hadius r/Dandadan)

It is That Good?

Manga readers will be thrilled by this new animation!

Dandadan by Yukinobu Tatsu has gathered at least 30,000 readers for its top-tier manga. The elements embedded inside the storyline surely fulfil the reader’s thirst for action. Not only that, Dandadan also features other genres like supernatural, sci-fi, adventure, horror, romantic, comedy, magic, and life lessons.

It came under the spotlight among readers for its funny touches of sarcasm and hilarious turns of events throughout the story. Imagine how good it is when even the creator of Chainsaw Man, Tatsuki Fujimoto, suggested the manga to his fans. The manga is currently on its 12th volume (Chapter 131 [as of 8 Dec 2023])

12 Volumes of Dandadan Manga

If you are a manga reader and still have not read Dandadan, please try it after you have finished reading what you are reading now. I guarantee that you will not regret it.

Keep your eyes updated on the release date revelation! Until then, MATA NEE`


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