Does Spider-Man Works Better As TV Show?


Sony owns Spider-Man. With its successful collaboration with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Tom Holland’s portrayal, Sony hits the jackpot again with its still undergoing Spider-Verse trilogy and Insomniac’s PlayStation Spider-Man. 

And this begs the question – how would Sony expand its empire?

It’s Morbin’ time

Venom? Morbius? Krave? Sony is making Spider-Man’s villains… cinematic universe?

Sony is not even trying to treat Spider-Man’s villains as villains. They are turning them into their own heroes. But that would be an unfaithful adaptation. Spider-Man and his villains complete each other. They flesh out each other’s characters… They share connections from the comics. They are complementary. 

You can’t make a Spider-Man movie without his enemies and you can’t make an enemy movie without Spider-Man. 

Spider-Man’s rogue gallery

So what is something that Sony can do to expand his empire? Yes, we mean more that the Spider-Verse Trilogy. Let’s find out.

Let’s take a look at one of Sony’s successful interpretations of Spider-Man, which is Insomniac Spider-Man, from the game that is mainly praised for its story.

That game basically screams Spider-Man. It manages to pack so many elements of what makes Peter Parker Spider-Man. His relationship with Aunt May, Doctor Octavius, Mary Jane, and Miles Morales are properly executed. They even manage to include Sinister Six in this game without diluting the quality of the story. These are the things that every Spidey fan wants. 

We’ve been dying to see Sinister Six in a movie

How did Sony manage to pack so many Spidey elements in one narrative? The answer is time. 

A game tends to be long. And with this narrative format, the writers have time to flesh out many characters and villains. 

Another narrative format that is long enough for writers to have such creative control is series. And with the growing popularity of streaming services, Sony shouldn’t even hesitate to grab this chance.

Spider-Man lore is huge. It has so many characters and supervillains. Sony shouldn’t limit itself with the same storyline over and over again. We have seen teenager Spider-Man for decades now. How about we spice some things up?

Spider-Man Noir

How about a grounded and detective-esque Spider-Man Noir series where he hunts Vulture, a cannibalistic murderer. And yes it happened in the comics. 

How about the Spider-Man 2099 series where he hunts a futuristic version of the Green Goblin?

How about a Silk series? Or a Gwen Stacy’s Spider-Woman series? Or that time where Peter’s bully, Flash, works for the government as Agent Venom.

Cindy Moon as Silk
Flash Thompson as Agent Venom

And we should dare Sony to make a story where Doctor Octopus hijacked into Pete’s mind and became better, more efficient, Spider-Man breaking Spidey’s no killing rule. Yup, it happened in the comics.

And Sony should’ve made a multi-seasonal plan too. From a teenager Spider-Man until he’s an adult with a family of his own.

Not only does a series provide ample time to include more content, but it has also been proven many times that a series is a suitable narrative form for adaptation. The Last Of Us, His Dark Materials, The Witcher, Invincible, and the list goes on. Even Harry Potter and Percy Jackson are announced to join this trend.

Older Spider-Man with his family

In conclusion, a Spider-Man TV series is a prime opportunity for Sony to creatively expand the iconic superhero’s universe. With the success of the Insomniac game showcasing the benefits of a longer narrative format, a series could offer the depth needed to explore diverse storylines and characters, captivating both new and existing fans.


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  1. Dont think we need another spiderman series. but i think the villians of spidey can work well as series.

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