Dragon Ball: Daima – Make Way for The Legend!


Dragon Ball: Daima Official Trailer (Source: TOEI Animation Youtube)

Who doesn’t know Dragon Ball and its franchise? It is safe to say that Dragon Ball is the anime that brings people to anime the most. Although the enigma started in 1986, the trails it has left remain until today. Unforgettable! Legendary! Trendsetter!

For its 40th anniversary, in the Fall of 2024, the franchise will be releasing a brand-new Dragon Ball: Daima, a story that is “never told before in Dragon Ball” as stated in the trailer. Usually, in an animation, the creator will not be involved too much. However, in Daima, Akira Toriyama is said to be involved heavily and deeply in overseeing the original work, story, character design, and more. The executive producer, Akio even said that Akira Toriyama has planned entirely new episodes for the storyline.

As if that’s not a selling point already, we can also see in the trailer where it appears that Shenron was asking somebody “Now, state your wish.”. It is not certain to whom it was said, but apparently, somebody stated his wish and the wish is for everyone, if not, most of them, to turn into children’s size! We got a glimpse of child-sized Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, Chi Chi, Piccolo, Shin, and others – cute! 

Do you know what makes it better? The high resolution of the chibi animation! (Yeah, like you don’t remember watching Goku on your grainy television)

There’s not much information other than what’s shown in the trailer to maintain the exclusivity, but we all know it’s going to be awesome, anyway. Fall 2024 huh? That’s another year ahead.

BRB, I’m inventing a time machine now, MATA NEE~


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