Dragon Ball: Sparking! ZERO – Gameplay Showcase

Dragon Ball Sparking ZERO


Dragon Ball fans prayers have finally been answered by Bandai Namco with a showcase of the new beloved IP gameplay of Dragon Ball: Sparking! ZERO.

If you have played Budokai Tenkaichi series (the arguably best Dragon Ball games that ever produced), this will be a walk on a memory lane but with new mechanics, better graphics and silky smooth 60 frames per second. The new game is not only aimed at long-time Dragon Ball gaming fans, but also newcomers who are looking for a flashy and impressive 3D battle game.

DRAGON BALL: Sparking! ZERO – Gameplay Showcase [BUDOKAI TENKAICHI Series]

Gameplay Movements

According to the game producer, Jun Furutani, the developers managed to preserved the essence of what made the Budokai Tenkaichi series famous as Sparking! ZERO is a genuine sequel and evolution of the series.

This includes the dynamic 3D-action battle experience that was enjoyed loved by all Dragon Ball games fans throughout the years. In addition to close-range melee, rush attacks and combos, the developers also kept the Dragon Dash (which enables high-speed movement), the counter system, and Impact Action (mechanics that allow intense exchange of energy blasts). So you can have that customary Kamehameha-Final Wave with your opponent. I mean, it is a must, otherwise what’s the point of playing a Budokai Tenkaichi game.

Ultimate Blast: Graphics and Animation

Obviously, they improved on the gameplay graphics by a lot if you compared it to the previous installment of the Budokai Tenkaichi series. But what about Dragon Ball: Kakarot or Xenoverse Series?

To be honest all of Dragon Ball games that ever produced managed to capture the essence of Akira Toriyama’s drawing but what make this one a different beast altogether are 4K graphics capturing more colours on screen with several new mechanics put in place.

Dragon Ball Sparking ZERO Rival Forever
Buttery smooth Super Saiyan hair

Running on new generation consoles such as Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X, the game shows a lot of promise with smoother animation, flashy colours and if you are on PS5 we sure hope it comes with adaptive trigger function that can immerse the players into the world of Dragon Ball.

New Things to Expect

One of the biggest changes that the developers made in Sparking! ZERO was boosting the normal movement, making it as fast as the ‘dash’ in previous installment. This allows players to use short dash, letting you move at lightning speed with a button that used to be for dashing. This change opens up more possibilities for movement, flash-speed attacks and other complex actions. Players can also use this to evade the opponent’s attacks.

This new entry also introduces actions using “Skills Count” that builds up over time during a battle. This includes a “Revenge Counter”, which lets players to strike back while absorbing an opponent’s attack. So players can basically launch an attack while being hit by the opponent. Another counter, known as “Super Perception”, lets players to counterattack in anticipation of various strikes, including Ki wave blasts.

Dragon Ball Sparking ZERO Rival Forever
IT’S OVER 9,000!

However, both “Revenge Counter” and “Super Perception” could only be activated when you can enough “Skill Count”. Yes, the gameplay sound complex, but this just means that you have more choices to make, allowing room for some creativity in a fight.

The developers also include a new Ki-based action known as “Vanishing Assaults”. With this, players can instantaneously approach an opponent. Furutani said this new mid-range attack option gives more space for players, instead of the usual Ki-blasting from afar or close-range hand-to-hand combat.

Available Characters Throughout Multiverse

In the game trailers, Bandai revealed a plethora of both familiar and new faces from the original series and the Super series. It is basically confirmed that we can play as up to 150+ character that will be available in Dragon Ball: Sparking! ZERO including different forms of Goku, Vegeta and other multi-forms characters (such as other Saiyans, Frieza etc), powerful hitman from Universe 6, Hit, Universe 11’s Prider Troopers such as Jiren, Toppo, Dyspo, and old villains from the Namek Saga including Ginyu Force members; Burter and Jeice. Also, don’t forget about the beefy Master Roshi.

Dragon Ball Sparking Zero characters
Characters available in Dragon Ball: Sparking! ZERO


Furutani said the new features were added with aim of making Dragon Ball: Sparking! ZERO more Dragon Ball-like and more strategic, compared to any previous Dragon Ball games. He also hoped all players will be stunned by the dynamism and intensity of Sparking! ZERO, a game worthy of the Dragon Ball epic and legendary battles.

Developed by Unreal Engine, TOEI Animation, Bandai Namco and Spike Chunsoft, the fourth installment of the Budokai Tenkaichi series is expected to be available on PS5, Xbox and Steam. Stay tuned for a release date.


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