Echo: A Dissonant Tune of Marvel

Marvel's Echo


It’s a new year and Marvel treats the fans with their latest series, Echo. A miniseries about a young ruthless woman named Maya Lopez against her enemies. With that, let’s talk about it.

The Perfect Beginning

Marvel's Echo - Maya in action
Maya in action

The first episode is great. It perfectly establishes Maya’s backstory and how it affects her ruthless behavior. The scene of her mission where she had her first kill is great. She manages to keep up with the legendary street-level hero, Daredevil. The fighting choreography is cool. 

There are moments in the series where the audience couldn’t hear anything from the fight – we just feel Maya’s heartbeats. This is a clever detail of the director to make us experience from the perspective of the hearing-impaired character. 

The point is, the first episode is perfect in establishing the premises. 

The Lost Actions 

Marvel's Echo
Marvel’s Echo is as bloody as we expect

Despite being marketed as a violent and thrilling miniseries, the show is not as bloody as we expect. There is some violence, but it doesn’t have the same amount of bloodshed and brutality as other Marvel series like Jessica Jones or The Punisher.

The fight scenes in the first episode are great. Maya plants a bomb on a train in the second episode, fights some gangsters in the third episode, barely fights anyone in the fourth, and the final battle of last episode… is quite underwhelming (we’ll get back to that point).

What we’re trying to say, despite being one of the shortest series ever produced by Marvel, the pacing is still slow and not as action-packed and bloody as the audience expect. The side characters are having way too much screen time that could’ve been used to develop Maya. 

Underwhelming Climax 

Marvel's Echo
Underwhelming final fight

The climactic fight in the last episode is not satisfying at all. In the first four episodes, it appears that they are setting up a lot of stuff. 

For example, Maya’s superpower is that she’s able to inherit and use the abilities of her ancestors. We have ancestors who’re a strategist, an expert marksman, and even a healer! In the climactic fight, Maya just punched several bad guys. These ancestors have flashback sequences in the beginning of every episode but Maya doesn’t even use their powers in the final fight. Even the prosthetic leg that Maya’s grandfather made, which was featured in several scenes, didn’t do anything in the final episode. 

Let’s Talk About Kingpin

Kingpin in Marvel's Echo
Kingpin in Marvel’s Echo

Kingpin was heavily marketed in Echo. He was shown in the trailer and promotional posters. Maybe it’s because Marvel wants to establish Kingpin as the ‘Thanos of New York’. Marvel had to do this because in the Hawkeye series, Kingpin was teased as the final boss but defeated by a rookie superhero in her 20’s in a single fight. In Echo… literally the same thing happened.

It was absolutely confusing what Kingpin does in the final episode of Echo. Kingpin is ready to kill Maya after she doesn’t want to join his crime empire. But then, Maya uses her ability to access Kingpin’s memories, which is an ability she can suddenly do. Then, Kingpin confusingly asks, ‘what did you do?’, and take the first flight home.


Our Verdict

Marvel's Echo - Kingpin and Maya
Talk about anticlimactic

To be honest, the miniseries is quite messy. No characters have a strong goal, the pacing is very slow, and the final episode is not satisfying. 

Maya is introduced as a villain in the Hawkeye series. In this series, she doesn’t go through any redemption arc in her story. She gets along with her family at the end of the story, but Kingpin is still free and Maya doesn’t show any remorse for committing crimes on Kingpin’s behalf. 

With that, it is heavy for us to rate this series as 2.5 out of 10.


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