Enhance Public Transportation System, Reinforce Work From Home


Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim today launched the Phase Two of Putrajaya MRT Line and announced free fares for Putrajaya Line MRT service starting today until 31 March. All in the name of empowering our public transportation system with an end goal of overcoming severe congestion especially in the Klang Valley. 

The premier said a study made in Bangkok found that billions of dollars were lost in terms of productivity due to the issue of severe traffic congestion, which in turn affects work efficiency. To avoid this, the Government established a committee to address severe traffic congestion issues.

While waiting for a better and effective transportation system (which could take years to be implemented), Anwar should call for all employers to allow their workers to work from home as they did during the pandemic. 

Earlier this month, The MalayMail reported that Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) said they would support the implementation of hybrid work cultures and flexible working arrangements as long as productivity improves.

Well, I am not gonna quote hundreds of studies done that proved working remotely has allowed work productivity to increase (with some attributing to the fact that workers spent less time travelling for work), but I am gonna say that my day would be better if I don’t spend over an hour crawling bumper-to-bumper to my workplace. 

Imagine if we can reduce daily traffic by 50% or even 30% with the enforcement of WFH. We did it while curbing the transmission of a deadly virus, why not now?


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