Family Switch: From Fumbles to Family


Christmas is around the corner and to celebrate it, Netflix releases its holiday-comedy movie, Family Switch. The movie is performed by well-known actors like Jennifer Garner and Ed Helms, including an uprising star, Emma Myers.

Oh, this? I just need an excuse to post a picture Emma Myers <3

So what’s the movie about?

The movie uses a classic body-switch trope in its story. It’s about the Walker family that is starting to lose holiday spirit together as a family because of their personal lives and different personalities. Due to a cosmical event in an observatory, the mother Jess has her body switched with the daughter, CC. The father Bill has his body switched with the son, Wyatt. And the funniest part of the movie is when baby Miles is switched with the family dog Pickles.

The dog has to be treated as a baby

The best part of the movie is the delivery of a powerful message about family. By switching bodies, the family discovers the sacrifices that each of them secretly made, which is touching because initially they appear to always find themselves at odds. 

The family actually love each other – they just don’t ralize it yet

Through body switching, they also learned to use each other’s personality traits to solve each other’s problems. Which wouldn’t be an issue had they had a good bond from the star

CC coaches her team as her mother

Upon learning each other’s sacrifices, they learn how to be better. They learn to appreciate family more than their personal careers and even dreams. 

Nothing is more powerful than family.

The story is built on family relationships. The mother with the daughter. The father with the son. The husband and wife. By doing so, no characters are wasted. All of them are relevant in the story and have their own growth.

However, despite being a comedy movie, the comedy isn’t exactly the best part of the movie. In fact, the first 10 minutes of the movie is quite… cringe. It feels like the combination of every 90’s movie crammed into a 10-minute intro because it is filled with generic and overused jokes.

Thankfully, the story gets better after they get their body switched. That’s when the comedy starts to work and it gets more interesting when the conflict and drama kicks in. 

Our take on this movie?

How would we rate the movie? What’s our rating?

We won’t rate this movie this time… it’s a holiday season afterall! It’s a holiday movie that is perfect to be watched with your family while learning valuable lessons with your loved ones!

With that, we from the Mugen Milano Family would like to wish you a joyful Merry Christmas and a festive holiday. 🎅

You don’t need a 5-star thought-provoking movie for a holiday!


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