Flying Thunder God Now in Time-skip Boruto’s Movesets

Boruto: Two Blue Vortex


The Flying Thunder God technique (FTG), otherwise known as Hiraishin No Jutsu makes its return to the Naruto verse. One of the most powerful and versatile jutsu ever, the FTG is a type of space-time ninjutsu.

In the newly released chapter 4 of Boruto: Two Blue Vortex manga, Boruto uses the legendary space-time ninjutsu as soon as he manages to track down Code, teleporting himself to the villain’s location. 

So what’s the hype with this jutsu and why Boruto using it is a big deal for the character? 

Boruto using Flying Thunder God Jutsu in Chapter 4 of Boruto: Two Blue Vortex

Previous Users of the Flying Thunder God Technique

Created by Second Hokage, Senju Tobirama, the FTG was meant to instantaneously transport its user to a location marked with certain jutsu formula. It was also said that Tobirama created the technique to counter Uchiha’s Sharingan ability to read enemies’ movements. With the ability to move in the blink of an eye, FTG users would have no problem facing the Uchihas. 

Uchiha would think twice before engaging a flying thunder god technique user 

The FTG is such a complex jutsu, that no one else managed to learn or even use it, until 4th Hokage Namikaze Minato. He made it his personal trademark jutsu, as he used it better than Tobirama ever did, perfecting it. FTG users would normally have to place a mark on their target. Tobirama’s marking looks somewhat complex and archaic while Minato simplified the marking into a series of Kanji symbols.

Being a versatile shinobi that he is, Minato would even formulate the symbols on his special kunai, making it easier for him to mark the surroundings. This was shown when he used FTG to eliminate 1,000 shinobi within minutes in the Third Great Ninja War.   

Flying Thunder God Marking on Minato’s special Kunai

The use of FTG is not limited to just transporting its user to another location instantly. Minato showed that the basic principle of FTG allows its user to manipulate space-time in a different capacity. While battling the Nine-tail Fox; Kurama, the Fourth Hokage managed to transport a Tailed Beast Bomb aimed at him to another location far away. It is assumed that the location had a specific marking placed on it by Minato, as a precaution against such a situation. 

Why doesn’t anyone else learn FTG?

The FTG is a powerful jutsu that requires not only a significant amount of chakra but also extremely difficult to master. While being Hokage, Minato managed to teach the jutsu to his personal guards but it required all three of them, all of whom are high-ranking Jounin, to initiate it. Safe to say that only Kage-level shinobi would be able to use it, making Boruto the third ever person to use FTG individually.  

Time-skip Boruto with Rasengan Uzuhiko, Hiraishin no Jutsu

FTG was last used by both Tobirama and Minato during the Fourth Great Ninja War. While claiming to be “not as skilful as his grandfather”, Boruto fans were definitely not shocked to learn that he learned the jutsu. This especially post-time-skip when he showcases many feats of strength, such as physically overpowering Code, slashing Claw Grimes and debuting the powerful Rasengan Uzuhiko, a jutsu that harness the Earth planetary spin.

It is worth noting that Boruto uses FTG to travel instantaneously across dimensions, a feat never performed even by Minato. Perhaps a result of two-year time-skip training with both Kashin Koji and Uchiha Sasuke. 

Now, we definitely can’t wait to see Boruto piss off as many villains with his FTG like how his master Sasuke did using his Rinnegan’s Amenotejikara.


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