Fruits Basket – One of The Most Misunderstood Anime

Fruit Basket


Do you want an anime with supernatural? How about we top it up with Slice of Life? Then we drench it in Youkai and Romance. Comedy too! Add some dramas, mysteries, and some Shoujo and Shounen, and then we transition to Seinen and Josei. Oh, you like Reverse Harem? Don’t worry, it is there as well. Psychological? Absolutely! It’s a genre-packed anime!

That’s Fruits Basket for you.

It Is Not What You Think It Is

This is one of the most misunderstood anime of all time. It was first premiered in 2001. At that time, the opening song – Mou Sukoshi was a hit! The anime serves some classic animation drawings as well. It was then remade in 2019 with better illustrations. Although the plot in the 1st season changed slightly, it’s acceptable. The messages are still reaching through. (2001’s storyline for 1st season is better)

Fruits Basket – One of The Most Misunderstood Anime
2001 illustration vs 2019 illustrations (Source: MyAnimeList)

1st season is where the anime is misunderstood a lot. No kidding, I also thought it was only a simple rom-com-youkai-shoujo anime! Honda Tohru is an independent schoolgirl who lives in a tent after her parents pass away and is then invited to live with a Sohma(s) – a cursed family that will turn into zodiac animals.  Until… season 2 came out. Things started to unravel in the second half of season 2 and the end will make you… *mind blown*

Fruits Basket – One of The Most Misunderstood Anime
Honda Tohru accidentally triggered Kyo Sohma’s curse

The Darkside of The Plot

The tension is on a sprint in the final season. It went 180o from season 1. It turns very dark. This includes how the curse began, how dark the past lives of every cursed lineage, and how to break the curse. It also unfolds the real identity and mystery of the psychopath family head. Last season also revealed the real toxic relationships that existed within the big family itself. Everything is so twisted. Hence, to conclude that Fruits Basket is a ‘normal’ anime is a bit downplaying. It has A LOT!

Fruits Basket – One of The Most Misunderstood Anime
Guess what happened? (Source: Lost in Anime)

A Movie on The Prelude

After it hits viewers with its final season, a movie is made regarding Tohru’s late parents Fruits Basket: Prelude). How they met and how everything has been connected since Tohru met the Sohma’s family. To write in detail about this anime is very complex without spoiling too much. I highly suggest you try and watch it.

Fruits Basket – One of The Most Misunderstood Anime
Fruits Basket: Prelude (Source: IMDB)

Let me know your thoughts after you watched it. Until then, MATA NEE~


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