Genshin Impact: Reasons Many Players Quit


If you haven’t jumped the Genshin Impact bandwagon upon its release, you may not know that many of the older players have begun to drop the game.

Genshin Impact gained explosive popularity upon its release in September 2020 as an action role-playing game. Since then, they have been winning several awards.

Yet, why are the players quitting Genshin?

The Gameplay Relies Too Heavily on Luck

Genshin Impact: Reasons Many Players Quit
Game Screenshot by Lyn (MugenMilano) from Genshin Impact

Aside from being an open-world RPG, the main essence of the game involves gacha which can be purchased with real money. Specific character banners require 160 primogems (in-game currency) per pull but it doesn’t guarantee you will invite them home.

If you think that is all the mechanics that involve luck in this game, I hate to break it to you, but it’s not. 

In order to build a character, players would need to fight weekly boss and elite boss to gather some of the materials but the amount and item you will receive from them has been randomised.

As for artefacts, which are basically equipment for the characters, almost everything about it is random. Artefacts have main stats and 4 sub-stats that would be random upon claiming and increasing its level. This makes it harder to build playable characters to its full potential.

I still have many unbuilt characters because of this.

The Grind Requires Time and Effort

Genshin Impact: Reasons Many Players Quit
Game Screenshot by Lyn (MugenMilano) from Genshin Impact

If you are a busy person, a working adult or a casual gamer, this game might be too demanding of your attention.

Based on my pace, the game requires at least half an hour to one hour of my time every day to complete its daily quests and domain farming. If you want to remain free-to-play(F2P), you have to do it in order to collect enough primogems.

However, daily quests are only worth 10 primogems each and you can only get 60 primogems from that. Many players such as myself received burnout because the time and effort put into playing this game versus the rewards gained are unbalanced.

Genshin would often have an in-game limited-time event that offers free primogems upon participating. However, the time limit isn’t helpful because busy people can’t make time that they don’t have in order to complete it.

It’s too much effort to play this game, especially one that doesn’t appreciate their players.

Genshin Impact Doesn’t Appreciate Their Players

Genshin Impact: Reasons Many Players Quit
Game Screenshot by Kristine Tuting (ONE Esports)

When Genshin was officially released, they made around $400 Million in the first two months but the developer did not reciprocate this overwhelming support from their players.

On the first anniversary itself, Genshin only gave 10 free rolls to celebrate and it caused a riot among the players. They only relented after the huge backlash and review bomb by giving additional primogems, paid concerts that became free, and in-game items.

However, it only revealed that Genshin only cared about the money and not the players.

Anyway, it’s the same old story with Genshin with repetitive gameplay and subpar rewards. I used to pay for the game but now, I don’t anymore because nothing felt worth my money anymore.

If you still want to play Genshin, go ahead because it can still be fun to play but these are generally the complaints most long-time players have with it. As for me, the hours I play Genshin have lessened by a whole lot.


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