Jujutsu Kaisen Gives Us The Best Villains

Jujutsu Kaisen - Mugen Milano


The second season of Jujutsu Kaisen ended quite a while ago. While many things have been praised by the fans such as the heroes, animations, and stories, one of the most talked about things in Jujutsu Kaisen is the villains. In this article, we will uncover what makes the villains of Jujutsu Kaisen so prominent and memorable. 

Ryomen Sukuna

Ryomen Sukuna - Mugen Milano
Nobody moves until I say ‘now’!

What makes Sukuna so memorable as a villain is his sheer thirst for chaos. His goal isn’t clear in the anime but what is clear is that he enjoys fighting and the casualties that come with it.

This can be clearly seen as activating his domain expansion without a barrier while fighting Mahoraga, disintegrating everything in his way. 

Mahoraga - Mugen Milano
Mahoraga vs Sukuna is one of the best fights ever animated on screen! 

And let’s talk about his sheer sassiness when he fights. He bows as the city is being destroyed, toying with his opponents instead of immediately defeating them, and the way he puts his hands in his pocket while fighting (there’s no tactical advantage to doing that!)

Suguru Geto/Kenjaku

Geto Suguru - Mugen Milano
He really hates monkey

These characters are memorable because of their mastery in creating evil plans. It is made clear in the anime that cursed spirits are born through the negative emotions of common people. 

Therefore, Geto aims at committing genocide against the common people. No common people, no cursed spirits. And that explains why he hated and was disgusted with people that can’t use jujutsu.

Kenjaku, on the other hand, perfected his plans. He aims at taking over Geto’s dead body and ability to merge an ancient sorcerer with every human. If everyone is a sorcerer, then no one is no cursed spirits. 

The contrasting motivations of Geto and Kenjaku’s plans are so exciting to witness. 


Special Grade Curse Mahito - Mugen Milano
“I’m you”

Mahito is one of the most hated characters in Jujutsu Kaisen – that’s how good he is at being a villain. Plus, he is a cursed spirit that embodies the hatred humans have for each other. Of course he’s a threat!

But what makes Mahito so memorable is that he perfectly fleshes out the main character’s personality by being the exact opposite of Yuji Itadori.

“I’m you”, he said to Yuji. Yuji never counted the cursed spirits he killed the same way Mahito never counted the humans he killed. Yuji only wants to help people while Mahito only wants chaos for people.

The contrasting values of Yuji and Mahito make them one of the best nemesis in the media. 

Toji Fushiguro

Toji Zenin aka Toji Fushiguro - Mugen Milano
People should use gun more often in Jujutsu Kaisen

Now what makes Toji so memorable as a villain, other than his peak physical physique and immense strength, is his sense of threat. He killed a teenager for a bounty and sold off his son for money. The fact that he has no moral values makes him unpredictable and very scary.

Regardless, in his final moments, Toji finds out that his son, Megumi is still alive and uses his wife’s surname despite being sold off to the Zenin clan. Toji shows a brief moment of redemption when he ends his life to let his son live. 


Toji Zenin aka Toji Fushiguro - Mugen Milano
We’re glad that you read this article

While there are more villains to talk about, we should end our entry here. It should be acknowledged that the writers and the animators of Jujutsu Kaisen give us the best villains in terms of writing, motivation, and strength. 


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