Kuantan, The Getaway Haven For Your Parents


With various beaches to visit, Kuantan should undoubtedly be on your bucket list of places to stop by when you and your family decide to hit the road. 


Picture taken from the Malaysia Camping website. (https://malaysiacamping.com/)

Located around 15 km from the busy city, this active city is home to Balok Beach, one of the prettiest beaches I have had the opportunity to lay my eyes on! The feeling of walking on its soft sand while admiring the sunset or sunrise is to die for, added to the number of activities you can do there. Perfection. 

Fun fact: Balok Beach is listed on Pahang’s Official Tourism website as one of the places to visit during your stay here.


Picture taken from The Star (2020)

Balok Beach, one of them, is well known for its constant wind, allowing tourists and locals to enjoy wind-related activities such as playing the kite. You can bring your parents to eat seafood at one of the seafood restaurants nearby, tasting the fresh seafood of Pahang!


Picture taken from the official Ana Ikan Bakar Petai Facebook page. Pictures show three of the delicacies that they serve.

As the name suggests, one of their signature dishes is grilled fish cooked with petai(stink beans). Eating here will guarantee you the full experience of seafood, though, trying to find a place here might be a little hard, especially during peak hours or holiday seasons, so I would recommend coming by with your family earlier or booking a table there! Another advantage to coming early would be eating your choice of fresh fish since it’s possible for certain types of fish to sell out due to high demand.  I would also recommend trying their butter crab as well as their boiled cockle.


The picture was taken from the Kuantan 188 Official Website. The picture shows the tower’s Observation Deck.
Picture courtesy of https://www.mstar.com.my/travel/destinasi/2021/02/23/menara-kuantan-188-kedua-tertinggi-dalam-malaysia-tarikan-terbaharu-di-pahang

We have to talk about Kuantan 188! While Kuala Lumpur has KL Tower, Pahang also has its own Kuantan Tower to visit. You can walk through the observation deck, and experience Kuantan from above! Or if you’re feeling more adventurous, they also have their sky deck for you to enjoy the scenery of the city while feeling the soft breeze hitting your cheeks. You can even take pictures of yourself with your family, and souvenirs such as fridge magnets and paper holders to relive the memories of your trip to Kuantan. 

Operating Days: Monday – Sunday

Operating Hours: 10 AM – 10 PM (possible to open till late on Friday – Sunday)

Ticket Price: RM10/kids, RM13/adults (Malaysian citizen)


Their signature Mango Cheesecake as well as the Nutella Pavlova
(Pictures taken by myself, courtesy of Kula Cakes)

After a day of admiring the city from above, you might want to cool down for a bit and settle for desserts. Worry not because a famous cake shop is located only a few blocks away from the tower! Kula Cakes serves one of the best-frozen mango cheesecakes ever, and I wish I was exaggerating about it. Not only that but there is also street art located just behind the cake shop, creating a relaxing ambience.

The menu of the cake shop. (Pictures taken by myself, courtesy of Kula Cakes)

Kuantan is worth the place to go, with delicious food that you can find everywhere and cinema-worthy views, what’s not to enjoy? I would definitely recommend Kuantan as a place to visit with your family!


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