LEO: Adam Sandler’s Best Animated Movie


Recently, the animated movie Leo was released on Netflix and it was written by the legendary comedy actor Adam Sandler, who even voiced the main character. With Adam Sandler’s commitment to this movie, is its quality guaranteed? Let’s find out. 

Better than Disney?

Leo was released around the same time as Disney’s latest animated movie Wish, which makes it almost impossible for animated movie fans to not compare them. 

Although Wish had its theatrical release and had a much bigger budget while Leo was only released on a streaming service, it appears that Leo won the audience’s heart. It is reported that Leo has a more original story while Wish was reported to have many cliche elements.

A joke for everyone

The comedy in this story is amazing. Very funny and smart. It is definitely expected that Adam Sandler is one of the writers. Children would love the slapstick comedy in this movie, and as for the adults, some subtle adult jokes are inserted in the dialogue.

Overall, regardless of your age, you’ll have a good laugh watching this.

Every character matters

Even though the movie takes place in a classroom with over a dozen students, the writers still make sure that everyone gets a spotlight. We are introduced to each student’s conflict and how Leo was able to help them out and the pace doesn’t even feel rushed. Even the substitute teacher who was expected to be a throw-away character has her development and a big role in this movie.

The point is there are no wasted roles here. Every character is fun and drives the story forward.

Valuable lessons for everyone

We already established that the movie is entertaining and humorous. How are the lessons and messages? Would the children learn something from the movie? 

The answer is definitely yes. 

The movie is about Leo the tuatara who just learns that he is expected to die soon because of his age. Regretting that he spent most of his time in a terrarium, he wants to be free in the wild. After spending lots of time with the children and helping them resolve their problems, Leo gets attached to them and wants to stay in the class.

The movie tells us that death gives life meaning. And what truly matters in life is how you treat others and how you will be remembered. And that’s a strong message for a children’s movie. 

Our verdict

The music and songs may not be able to rival Disney’s animated movies. Leo’s art style and animation fluidity may not reach the standard of Spider-Verse movies and Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, but Leo still offers a beautiful heartfelt story to the audience. For that, we rate the movie as 8 out of 10. 


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