Loki Season 2 Introduces A New Time Travel Rule


The God of Mischief, Loki returns with a second season and in the first three episodes, we are introduced with a new concept in the MCU, which is ‘time-slipping’.

According to the series, time-slipping is a phenomenon where an individual is being pulled through different points in time. In other words, you are glitching into the past, future, and present.

Time-slipping in Loki Season 2

In the first episode of the second season, Loki and Mobius meet Ouroboros, to fix Loki’s time-slipping condition. Suddenly, Loki time-slipped into the past, interacted with the younger Ouroboros. When Loki time-slipped into the present again, Ouroboros remembered his interaction with Loki. 

If you’re a hardcore Marvel fan, you might be wondering is this even possible to happen? 

In ‘Avengers: Endgame’, Bruce Banner made it clear how time travel in the MCU works. If you travel to the past, you will not change the future, but instead the timeline will be diverged into two streams. This idea was even supported in the first season of Loki. 

Bruce made it clear that changing the past doesn’t change the future

For example, let’s say that you forgot to buy some eggs. So you go back to the past. The moment you buy the eggs, the timeline will diverge into two; the first timeline is where you forgot to buy eggs and the second timeline is where you buy the eggs.

By that logic, in Loki Season 2, Ouroboros shouldn’t be able to remember his interaction with Loki because it happened in a separate timeline! 

It appears that Marvel is avoiding their own time travel rule… Or do they?

How Time Travel Works in Other Marvel Disney+ Series

In Ms Marvel, the same scenario happened. In the series, Kamala Khan was told a story about how her grandmother got lost in the train station during the Partition of India in 1947. According to Kamala’s grandmother, she was reunited with her father by following ‘the trails of stars’. 

Soon, in the fifth episode of Ms Marvel, Kamala traveled back to the past, guiding her grandmother with her ‘trails of stars’. Kamala soon realized that the one who saved her grandmother was her all along…

Kamala’s travel to the past did not split the timeline, but instead… it completes the loop. 

Ms Marvel traveled to 1947 to save her grandmother

This type of time travel rule is actually quite common in movies. When you travel to the past to change something, you will realize that you’re the one who causes it. This happens in Interstellar, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Project Almanac… just to name a few.

Timeline Rules Changed – Why and How?

Let’s get this straight: time travel causes the timeline to diverge in Avengers: Endgame and Loki Season 1. However, time travel does not split the timeline in Ms Marvel and Loki Season 2.

Why did the time travel rule change in the MCU? What could be the cause? What is the event that caused the time travel rule to change?

Could it be… the death of He Who Remains?

Does the death of He Who Remains determine the rule of time travel of the multiverse?

If that’s the case… if He Who Remains and his variants such as Kang and Victor Timely could affect the very fabric of reality and the laws of physics of the entire multiverse, then Marvel is heading in the right direction in making Kang as the new imminent threat of the MCU.

Until then, only time will tell.


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