Moving – a Korean Success in Disney+’s Breakthrough


‘Moving’, a 20-episode South-Korean TV Series directed by Park-In Je and produced under Disney+Original has caused a sensation worldwide with its captivating storyline and filled with stellar casts. It is also revealed by Wills (2023) in her article that ‘Moving’ managed to maintain a top spot since its release for five consecutive weeks. 

Unlike those cliche K-Dramas with fluttering plots, Moving’ took a different approach to indulge deeper into supernatural themes while also embracing the importance of family bonds. The series delved into the life of three high school students with genetic superhuman abilities who have been hiding their superhuman abilities not knowing that a mysterious organisation started to hunt them down individually. 

Beginning of the story

The first five episodes engaged viewers with the main characters’ (Kim Bong-Seok) and (Lee Mi Hyun) introductions which started with a scene that gives the hint that both of them are blessed with extraordinary five senses that they can hear even the faintest sound with, Kim Bong-Seok, also having the ability to float in which he inherited from his father, (Kim Doo Shik).

Cha Tae Hyun who acts as Jeon Gye-Do hides his supernatural ability of generating electricity by working as a bus driver.
(Source: Soompi)

Kim Bong-Seok then coincidentally befriended Jang Hui-Soo, an athletic girl with the power to heal herself. What makes it more interesting is the fact that their class president, Lee Kang Hoon, turned out to possess powerful strength and speed despite looking like the typical introverted nerd.

Tragic characters’ backgrounds 

The plot started to get more heart-wrenching when it explored deeper into each main character’s background stories. Here, we get to know that Kim Bong Seok’s parents, Lee-Mi Hyun and Kim Doo Sik were once working as agents for the National Intelligence Service (NIS) until their life was turned upside down by the organisation itself to the point they were separated for years. 

The story then revealed that Jang Hui Soo’s father (Jang Joo Won), was also an NIS agent who has ventured into the food business after being exploited by the organisation to the point he lost the love of his life. 

Lee Mi Hyun carrying Kim Bong Seok, Source: SCMP

The storyline touched on some reality when it showed that despite having special abilities, everyone is not blessed with a silver spoon in their mouth when it shows how difficult it was for Lee Mi Hyun and Jang Joo Won to manage their restaurants almost all by themselves to meet ends meet while having to raise their children all by themselves. 

Outstanding CGI effects 

It is reported by The Straits Times that ‘Moving’ has an allocated budget of a whopping 50 billion Won (US$38 million), making it one of the most expensive South Korean TV productions to date. From flying scenes, gun shooting, and supernatural effects, everything was shot on point with visual effects (VFX) companies from over 9 countries participating to contribute to delivering the most outstanding camera effects. It is without doubt that the generous amount of budget clearly reflects the quality of the executed scenes. 

Is the ending satisfactory? 

The last three episodes were the most anticipated part of the series as we get to see the supernatural characters teamed up to defeat their opponents, just like the battle scenes that you would see in those Marvel movies. Mind you the scenes might appear to be gory to some! 

The ending of the series was rather bitter-sweet with the reunion of Kim Bong-Seok with his father (the duo who can float, remember?). Bong-Seok’s friends – Lee Kang Hoon and Jang Hui Soo were also seen at their high school graduation ceremony although it’s a bit sad that Bong-Seok somehow was not attending the graduation. The series left audiences hanging at the end as a mysterious woman appeared, making many wonder whether she was the real mastermind. This keeps audiences questioning, ‘Are they really safe and free from the watchful eyes of the NIS?’


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