“One Day” by David Nicholls: A Rollercoaster of Love and Laughter

One Day by David Nicholls


My passion for reading was sparked by a storybook my parents gave me, which allowed me to roleplay, travel through time, and experience emotions, and this book is no exception. I’ll tell you all there is to know about David Nicholls’ One Day, which is without a doubt one of my favourite books. 

Rollercoaster Plot

The story revolves around Emma and Dexter, who meet on graduation day and get together on 15th July each year for two decades. The plot is entertaining and surprising, providing a glimpse into their lives on that day in each chapter.

Jim Sturgess, who played Dexter Mayhew in the live-action film, and Anne Hathaway as Emma Morley ( Imaged by Glamour Magazine

The Characters

Dexter and Emma are not your usual star-crossed lovers. They’re likeable, imperfect, and occasionally comically naive about life and love. It’s easy to feel sorry for Nicholls’s characters when they go through unpleasant periods, but it’s also easy to admire them when they succeed. One of the main reasons why I am so deeply attached to this book is because of how much I relate to the main character, Emma, and how much Dexter reminds me of one of my friends. 

Humor in the Mundane

“One Day” stands out because Nicholls has a knack for making everyday situations hilarious. Regular moments turn into laugh-out-loud scenes, reminding us that humor often comes from life’s absurdities. The wit is clever and perfectly timed, covering everything from awkward first dates to workplace blunders. What I love most about the book is how it takes the ordinary and turns it into something funny and unforgettable. It gave me a fresh perspective on my day-to-day experiences, making the mundane feel surprisingly entertaining and amusing.

Whatever happens tomorrow, we had today; and I’ll always remember it.

David Nichols

Heartfelt Moments

At some points, you’ll find yourself shedding a tear right amid all the laughter. You’ll nod along with the bittersweet truths that unfold as the characters navigate their twenties and thirties. Nicholls doesn’t shy away from exploring the complexities of friendship and love. As someone who’s still figuring out the uncertain and wide-open road ahead, I connect with Emma and Dexter’s struggles to understand themselves and find their place in the world. This book reassures me that it’s alright to feel a bit lost and to keep pursuing my goals and dreams.

Page-Turning Quality

“One Day” resembles that buddy you can’t seem to get enough of—the sort you sit down to coffee with only to realise it’s past midnight. I grabbed the book to read a few chapters before going to bed. However, the writing was so engrossing that, before I realised it, it was 3 a.m., and my alarm was set to go off in a few short hours to get me ready for work. You are captivated by the plot from the first page onward, much like a magnet.

I found myself excitedly turning pages, wondering what the next chapter of Emma and Dexter’s trip contained. Every entry into their lives on July 15th felt like a tiny adventure. This is the type of book that voluntarily draws you into the lives of the characters, taking you on an unexpected journey.

My Thoughts

David Nicholls writes a compelling, intensely emotional novel called “One Day” that combines romance, humour, and heartbreaking moments. Readers are prompted to consider both the deep and ridiculous aspects of life by this story. The characters go on a transformational journey together, especially Emma and Dexter.

Finding joy and harmony in life, as well as taking care of oneself, are highlights of the book. For that reason, once you leave here, please read this Self-Care Sunday post and pick up this book to begin your journey towards self-care.


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