Reviewing ‘Blue Beetle’ is a Heavy Task 


Reviewing great movies is easy as you know which part to compliment. Reviewing bad movies is even easier because you know which part to criticize. But when it comes to Blue Beetle, this movie is so average, that it’s hard to know what to say.

Let’s start with the good news first. The CGI effects are cool. Blue Beetle’s suit looks incredible and detailed. Jaime’s transformation sequence looks awesome, creepy, and funny at the same time. The fight scenes in the movie look awesome. No issues with the special effects. 

The Blue Beetle transformation sequence is incredible!

The movie is funny too. The jokes land and George Lopez’s performance as Rudy Reyes steals the show. You’ll have a good laugh watching this movie.

Rudy Reyes steals the show

The plot, however, is probably the reason that makes Blue Beetle such an average movie. The plot is generic and It ticks every formula of a superhero movie which…We have seen numerous times before.

A superhero who gains power from an ancient being and fights for his comedic family. Sounds familiar? It’s the plot of Shazam.

Billy Batson and the Shazam Family

A superhero who gains power through symbiosis with another sentient parasite and eventually learns to work together? That’s Venom.

Venom the parasitic superhero

A bug-themed superhero who’s fired from a low-wage job and needs to work with the daughter of the original bug-themed superhero to stop a billionaire villain from creating an army of super-soldiers with the same power as the bug-themed superhero? That’s Ant-Man. 

Blue Beetle’s plot is too similar to Ant-Man

However, by any means, this is not a bad movie. The CGI is great. The jokes land. The suit is sleek. The fight scene might awaken your inner five-year-olds to get excited. The strong lesson of valuing family is moving. The deaths of certain characters are so impactful that you might even cry. It’s family-oriented. It has a heart. 

With that said, this is not a good movie either. You might not remember the plot of the movie a few days after you watched it. It’s generic and forgettable. Blue Beetle is the type of movie that you play on your TV as background noise while you’re on your phone.

It cost US$104 million to produce this movie. It collected $43.4 million on the first weekend. A month later, it only collected $81.1 million. If this continues, it might be DC’s most unprofitable movie, which is a shame because critics and audiences love this movie.

This movie could be proof that superhero fatigue is real. It doesn’t matter if the movie has incredible special effects or if the critics and the audiences are enjoying it. Without a distinctive concept and sensational marketing strategies, a movie is destined to flop. Movie makers need to understand that people are interested in stories, not the brand or franchise that is related to a movie. You can’t just make a mediocre movie, slap the DC label on it, and expect it to do well in theatres. 

With that said, we rate this movie 5/10. A truly mid-movie. 


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