Shikamaru Finally Using Some Brain Power

Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Chapter 6


In Chapter 6 of Boruto: Two Blue Vortex, Shikamaru has been revealed to be just an interim Hokage as he hasn’t officially assumed the title ‘Hachidaime’ (Lord Eighth) after the disappearance of the Seventh Hokage, Uzumaki Naruto. Either he believes that Naruto will somehow and someday return or he is still not feeling worthy of the title and responsibility of the office. Either way, interim or not, Shikamaru has actually been doing a pretty decent job.

Imagine being the next Hokage after Naruto, the shinobi who single-handedly ended the last Great Ninja War and feared by other nations and hidden villages. Sure it is peacetime, but I can imagine other kages or daimyos or even some old-timers like Koharu and Homura plotting to instigate something now that it is just Shikamaru sitting in the Hokage’s office. Anyhoo, like I said, the ‘interim’ Hokage has been able to manage Konoha with the absence of Naruto, presumed to be dead by everyone.

Old advisors in Boruto
Shikamaru knows who Boruto is

In this chapter, Shikamaru managed to get his former teammate, Yamanaka Ino to telepathically connect him to Boruto, who is meeting Uchiha Sarada in Konoha. The genius shinobi who we all love in the original Naruto manga finally show some decent brain power. Deducing that Boruto might be ‘Uzumaki Boruto’, Shikamaru connects the dots after he consider flipping Boruto’s and Kawaki’s positions, saying it ‘make sense’. Now, with a promise to help Boruto, the Hokage is also asking a favour from the titular hero, but was interrupted by Mitsuki.

Boruto Continues To Impress

Ever since Two Blue Vortex manga came out, Boruto keeps on impressing us with his badassery. Time and time again, Boruto proves that he is the grandson of the genius Namikaze Minato. In this chapter, Boruto uses the Flying Thunder God and Purple Lightning jutsus to hold Mitsuki off.

Mind you, Mitsuki is using his powerful sage mode and even launch a surprise attack on Boruto. Of course these are nothing for Boruto. Now we can’t wait how rough Boruto will be to stop Mitsuki from charging on him in chapter 7.

Hiraishin No Jutsu - Flying Thunder God Technique
Hiraishin No Jutsu - Flying Thunder God Technique

Sarada’s Fate Looks Grim?

Redditors have been speculating and theorising on the true power of Boruto’s Jougan, a dojutsu so rare even for the Otsutsuki clan. It was speculated that Jougan allows its user to ‘see the future’. Obviously we don’t know yet if Jougan user can actually see into the future or it is just a superior way of predicting the future, like how Sharingan could help its users to predict their opponents movements. But I think this theory might be correct.

As he flees from Mitsuki, Boruto had a hard time telling something to Sarada, probably because he might actually saw what would or could happened to Sarada and wanted to warn the her of her potential fate. Perhaps there is reason why Boruto doesn’t want to share that information. Maybe he fears that Sarada, being a shinobi, might rush into her death if it means she could save Naruto or maybe Sasuke.

Boruto has already told Sarada about Sasuke turning into a tree. He also promised to rescue Sasuke and everyone else who were turned into tree. So what else could he be hiding from Sarada, other than her probable grim fate? I guess we’re gonna have to wait and see.


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