Skipping Anime Intro – Is it a Disgrace?

Anime Intro


We have so many lit anime Ops that people are even able to make sets of anime playlists on streaming platforms. Some are unbelievably good that even those who cannot speak Japanese could sing the OP fluently. Mostly, an anime will at least have two OP songs. If the anime is a series that runs longer, you might be served with four to eight OPs.

Aqua enjoying his sister’s concert, which serves as one of the best Anime BGM now

There has been a debate among anime fans about whether it’s a disgrace to skip an anime intro. As if, if you’re a true anime fan, you somehow would appreciate the intro and to skip it means you are not enjoying the anime fully or the mood will not be properly set. There will always be a friend who gives you a side eye when you skip an anime intro in front of them.

I, for once, do not agree with this. Not skipping an intro does not define whether you are a true fan or not. Sometimes it’s to save time, sometimes it’s because of the impatience of wanting to watch more because the plot is building up to its peak. We do need, sometimes, to take a breather, that’s when we don’t skip the intro.


However, it doesn’t mean that people who often skip the intro wouldn’t know about the OP. I’ll vouch for them; they’ll look for it later on YouTube or any other streaming platforms. If skipping an intro is not a need, then Netflix won’t make one. Heck, even other Anime sites won’t make one.

In conclusion, you do you. But don’t force your routine on others. Let them enjoy how they like to enjoy. To end my post this time, test your knowledge of anime OP from the video here. MATA NEE~


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