The Brothers Sun: Criminally Underrated 

Brother's Sun


Michelle Yeoh, Malaysia’s pride, is back with another comedic action series. The Brothers Sun is recently on Netflix, and here’s our thoughts about it.

Punches and Punchlines

The Brothers Sun
Charles and Bruce

Fun is the best word to describe the series. It has punches and punchlines. 

The first half of the series is chaotically fun. The story is about how Charles, a triad member, protects his brother Bruce, a naive medical student. Their contrasting personalities are fun to watch. 

The comedy surrounding the show hilariously encapsulates Asian culture. For example, how Bruce’s mother forces him to take his examination even though they are being hunted by triads. And how Charles, an intimidating gangster leader, is still scared of his mother. 

Who To Root For

The Brothers Sun
Who should we root for? A triad family?

The series is not all mindless action sequences. It still provides the audience with worthy conflicts that makes it hard for the audience to root for anyone.

For example, the main antagonist of the series is a vigilante organization called the Boxers, that aims to destroy the entire triad organization. Morally speaking, the Boxers are the good guys.

However, the audience are left conflicted considering that we spend much time watching the Sun family bonds after many episodes. And the Sun family is all about the triad organizations.

The next conflict that is worth mentioning is the relationship between Charles and Bruce. Charles is an active and loyal triad member, while Bruce doesn’t want to be involved with triads.

However, Bruce never really complains when the triad pays for his education fees and buys him a luxurious car. This is why his brother Charles is mad at Bruce – Bruce doesn’t want to get his hands dirty but wants the benefits of it.

Questionably Dumb Decisions 

The Brothers Sun
Bruce makes lots of questionably dumb decisions in the final episodes

In the final two episodes of the series, the main character Bruce makes a lot of questionably dumb decisions. Betraying his family for the Boxers, doesn’t immediately turn his father to the cops, and many others.

We understand Bruce isn’t supposed to be a criminal mastermind but some of he’s not stupid either – he’s shown to be smart in many episodes.

The Brothers Sun
If Bruce loves his family, why would he betray them for the Boxers?

If he doesn’t want his beloved family to be immersed with the triad activities, then why don’t report it to the police, instead of reporting it to the Boxers, who will a hundred percent kill his entire family.

As audience, we also wonder what’s the point of Bruce confronting his father alone if he never intends to kill him and end the root of all of his problems. If his intention is to turn his father to the cops, then confronting him is just slowing the process down.

We believe that Bruce, the main character, should have shown maturity in handling his triad problems in the final episode. But that opportunity to showcase Bruce’s character development is kinda wasted.

Our Verdict

The Brothers Sun
Let’s rate this series

Overall this series is fun to watch. Cool fights, comedic galore, likable characters, and impressive acting. It is such a shame that this show is not talked about as frequently. 

As a closure, we rate this series as 8 over 10! A truly underrated series.


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