The Creator: An Instant Sci-Fi Classic

The Creator


The Creator is an instant sci-fi classic. Or at least that’s it should’ve been. Because considering the profit it has made, it isn’t exactly a financial success. The budget is US$80 million and the box office is US$104 million. It made money, sure, but in Hollywood’s standard, it’s not considered as a financial success. In other words, this movie is underrated.

AI as The Good Guy 

ChatGPT helps me with my assignments! How are they the bad guys?

The movie breaks the tradition of an AI movie. We humans always see AI as the beginning of our doom. Terminators, The Matrix, Avengers: Age of Ultron… The AIs are always the bad guys. So it’s refreshing to see AIs as the good guys and humans on the wrong side of the war.

The fact that they made their robotic characters feel so humane should be adored. There are two kinds of robots in this movie: the stimulants who have human faces and there are old models with just machines as their heads. Even the robots with no facial features and speak with their robotic voice are able to show their humane characteristics.

Emotions in the movie

Visually and Sonically Spectacular

The visuals in the movie are definitely not AI-generated

The CGI quality of this movie is top-notch. The design of the superweapon NOMAD in the sky was stunningly done. The war scenes in this film were incredible. You can feel the sheer brutality of the warzone. Even the sound effects were crafted beautifully. Bullets and rockets are blaring in the air and it makes it hard for the characters to even talk to each other. 

Battle scenes in the movie

It should be emphasized that the way humans’ weapons and tanks operate are so cool. The way it scans its targets with lasers before blowing them up, along with their intimidating machinery sounds are just pure awesomeness. 

The way NOMAD scans its enemies before blowing them up is just cool

The Perfect Ending

The end of the movie is perfect and completely pays off everything that the movie has been leading up to. The ending just screams melancholy, hope, and sacrifice. 

The main character Joshua originally sees AIs as machines that can just be turned on and off with a flick of a finger. He soon learns to love and even sacrifice his life to save one.

The ending scene where Joshua hugs Maya while NOMAD is obliterated and falling from the sky while people from all over the world are celebrating it and the scene where Alphie is smiling while her eyes shed tears before the movie cuts to black and ends… it is peak cinema. 

It just ends. No post-credit scenes. No tease for upcoming movies. No cinematic universe plan. Just one worthy story to be told. 

Our Verdict

You can probably tell that this movie has the same aestheticism as ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’, right? Well, it’s because they share the same director. Gareth Edwards might be our new favorite director. And that explains why we rate this movie as 8/10. 

Even NOMAD reminds you of the Death Star, right?

Although, it’s such a shame because the movie could’ve made more money had the marketing team worked harder. It definitely has the potential to be the next sci-fi classic. 


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