The Killer: Cinematic Triumph of A Missed Mark?


‘The Killer’ is out on Netflix. Michael Fassbender stars as a cold, emotionless, and unnamed assassin who is simply referred to as ‘The Killer’. But is it a good movie? Let’s find out.

Do People Enjoy It? 

Fassbender look so cool in the trailer

When the trailer first came out, it had the attention of comic books and Michael Fassbender’s fans. The movie is adapted from a French comic and Fassbender is already a renowned actor with established fans. 

Rotten Tomato rates the movie 85%, Metacritic rates it 73%, and the movie even won an award in Venice International Film Festival. 

The critics describe the movie as ‘disturbing’, ‘horribly addictive’, and ‘entertainingly absurd’. Unfortunately for them, the average viewers don’t usually share the same opinion as them.

Let’s Talk About the Talk

The movie starts with a 20-minute monologue.

The Killer should join MugenMilano because of his ‘infinite narrative’

The Killer spends the entire 20 minutes describing how calculated and strategic he is as an assassin. But the thing is, he’s being too descriptive.

He narrates about how bored he is during his idle time, how important sleep is, and how he doesn’t have a personal opinion about his targets. All of these are relevant to his career as an assassin, sure, but he goes as far as giving unrelated statistics such as the amount of McDonald’s in Paris and how French people don’t like German tourists. 

The Killer eats McDonald while stalking his target (while narrating too, of course)

After 20 minutes of his edgy narration of how methodological he is, he fails his task. 

He shoots the wrong person and runs from the place. It doesn’t pay off. The introduction seems to leave us with an impression that the Killer may talk more than he is skilled. 

Fortunately, we are proven wrong as we watch the rest of the movie. He is a very skilled assassin and a calculated person. 

But still, the movie’s introduction is flawed. And the Killer needs to stop narrating what is happening as it is happening. The viewers already know what’s going on. 

A Realistic Glimpse of An Assassin

“It is not a fun job”

Maybe the point of the movie is to inform us that the career as an assassin is not as ‘cool’ as we see in the movie. Which is why the movie is so monotonous and dark. 

Unlike any other movies that feature assassins, the Killer doesn’t use fancy gadgets, over-mechanized machine guns, and has a physic-defying car chase scene.

Throughout the movie, the Killer simply uses everyday objects to execute his missions. He flies in commercial airlines, eats at McDonalds, buys stuff from Amazon, and drives normal cars. Which implies the idea that assassins such as the Killer are possible to exist among us. 

He even uses a nail gun

The movie also highlights that the job isn’t always about killing people. Most of the time, you need to lay low, hide, move around, constantly change your identity, and have the risk of your loved ones being compromised. Realistically speaking, being an assassin is not ‘cool’ at all.

Our Verdict

The plot is simple. The Killer fails a task, someone hurts his wife as a punishment, and now the Killer wants revenge. It’s extremely generic. But unlike any other action movies like John Wick or Extraction, this movie doesn’t offer breath-taking fight scenes and stunts to compensate for it. 

And the narration is overly done. The audience doesn’t like being told what is happening as it is happening. Show. Don’t tell. 

As our final verdict, we rate the movie 4/10. The movie is generic, not thought-provoking, and extremely predictable – even if the critics may not agree with us. 


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2 thoughts on “The Killer: Cinematic Triumph of A Missed Mark?

  1. I’ve seen it too. Unfortunately, I have to agree with Muzhameer. Either the movie was kinda slow or I’m just the person who like action-flick, Micheal-Bayed, Fast-Furioused kinda movie. Either way, good artcle.

  2. The movie is good, even though it is slow but it’s not bad. However, I like the lines that he always said to himself whenever he is focusing his target “Stick to the plan. Anticipate, don’t improvise. Trust no one.” It means that if you want to kill that person, just focusing on him/her.
    I’ll rate 6/10.

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