The Original Bucchigiri?! Animation – Another One From MAPPA?!


Note: Not to be confused with the classic Bucchigiri (Bad Boys Boogie) manga.

Bucchigiri?! Poster (Source: IMDb)

The Sought-After Director: Hiroko Utsumi

Hiroko Utsumi is not an alien name in the Japanese animation industry. The director had worked on several top hit anime. To name a few; Banana Fish (Director), Bungo Stray Dogs 2 (Storyboard), Free! Iwatobi Swim Club (Director, Storyboard), K-ON! (Key Animation), and My Hero Academia (Storyboard, Unit Director).

Among other anime that are directed by  Hiroko Utsumi

For Bucchigiri?!, other than directing, Hiroko Utsumi is also deeply involved in script supervising alongside Taku Kishimoto (also a scriptwriter for Fruits Basket, Haikyu!!, Bluelock, Moriarty the Patriot, etc.)

It Has Been Told

Bucchigiri?! was revealed in May 2023 by MAPPA in their MAPPA Stage 2023 event as one of their upcoming anime. During the event, only the promotional video and teaser visuals were revealed. The anime is then confirmed to be premiered in January 2024 on Crunchyroll. MAPPA delivered the exciting news during the Anime Expo 2023.

The Trailers and Pleasant Surprises

Bucchigiri?! Official Trailer 1 with its Arabic BGM. Arabic themed?? (Source: CrunchyrollCollection YT)
On 5 December 2023, Crunchyroll posted the Official Trailer 2 of Bucchigiri?! on their YouTube

The second trailer shows the cheerful and bright Arajin Tomoshibi reunited with his old best friend, Asamine Matakara – a handsome yet 100% innocent guy when he transferred to his new high school. Ichizu High School is infamous for its problematic students. Amidst the chaotic earlier days in his new high school, Arajin fell in love at first sight with Mahoro, the angel among the garbage.

Expanding from the first trailer, dynamic characters are also revealed in the second official trailer such as Zabu – The Fireball Delinquent; Komao – The Stylish Acrobatic Monkey; Jabashiri – A”Brain” for Rushing Headfirst into a Melee; Hagure – Educational! 4D Lectures; Outa – The Lionheart, Kenichiro – Silence is “Muscle”; Akutaro – The Unicorn of Vengeance; Marito – An Addict to Excitement, Let’s All Get Ready to Rumble; and lastly Senya – The Excitable Djinn Who Was Sealed Away.

Already with The High Expectations

From the list of the characters with their humorous description, we could predict that the anime will be hilarious while serving striking visuals and illustrations. The bold lining style of the Art Director – Kurumi Suzuki has proved to be among the best as we can see now in his other works like Chainsaw Man and Hell’s Paradise.

We were then served with an eargasm of the anime soundtrack – Sesame by Kroi. Not gonna lie, the anime looks very promising furthered by the closing of the trailer that makes us smirk. Apparently, Arajin’s ultimate wish is to lose his virginity. Heh.

For those who do not have a Crunchyroll account, I suggest you create one and be among the first to join the audience once it is streamed on the 13th of January 2024, at 11 pm.

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