Through The Darkness (2022) and The Real Stories Behind It

Through The Darkness


Through The Darkness is a series that did not come to my attention until I watched a Korean variety show that features Professor Kwon Il Yong – the first criminal profiler in South Korea, a social psychologist, a detective, and a forensic profiler. Now retired, he spends his time writing and attending shows as a guest.

The said professor. He has become quite the celebrity, I would say. He’s so cute and witty.

So, I did mention that Prof. Kwon Il Yong is also a writer. One of the books he wrote is ‘Those Who Read The Mind of Evils’. It also has an alternate title – ‘Through The Darkness’. He co-wrote the biography together with writer Ko Na-mu.

You know where I’m going with this, right? Yes, the drama is based on a true story. To those who have not yet watched the series, I got your back. Get ready to be convinced to watch the drama. Scroll down.

Genre: Crime, Mystery, Thriller, Psychology, Drama

Through The Serial Killing Cases

The drama set out in the 1990s in Seoul, South Korea. In the era where serial killers went rampant, police were unable to catch them, making citizens live in fear. One of the most famous serial killing cases at that time is called ‘Red Cap’ for the killer always wearing a red-coloured cap during his killing.

Of course, the series features some other cases, but like any other crime series, there will be one big ongoing case throughout the whole series while they’re solving and preventing other serial killing cases at the same time. So what’s the main case? Watch it yourself.

Through The Homicide Department

Mind you there is no term for profiler, criminal profiling, or behavioural analysis at this time in Seoul. All they knew was, that if there was a homicide case, it falls under the homicide department’s jurisdiction. Hence, they rely heavily on shreds of evidence and criminal confessions. That is not happening for serial killings since serial killers are often calculative and systematic with their killing. They will plan before they kill, it’s not impulsive. Hence, for serial killing cases, it’s very hard to pinpoint a suspect since the crime scenes are almost always ‘clean’.

When the wrong people started to get arrested for the ongoing serial killing case, the main character – Song Ha Yong (portraying Prof. Kwon Il Young), started to feel restless. His restlessness is tearing him up from the inside as he was diagnosed to have unusual insights and deep empathy. Sort of hyper-empathy syndrome. He began to search every nook and cranny for clues. With his sharp instinct and keen observation, he was able to find out who the real killer was. Only that he doesn’t have any evidence to arrest the guy. So, how should he do it then?

Through The Mindhunter Novel

There is one character in the series, not a main character like Song Ha Young, but for me, he’s more important than Song Ha Young himself. Gook Young Su (portraying Prof. Kwon Il-Yong’s senior), was actually the reason that South Korea has its first criminal profiler.

Gook Yong Soo –  the real brain behind the revolution (Source: Dramabeans)

When Young Su noticed the ability of Song Ha Young in his meticulous and sharp intuitions, he approached Ha Young. He offered to join him in creating a new team – the Criminal Behavioural Analysis Team. Being an outcast in his current department, Ha Young refused to reason with the offer, saying it was not going to work, it was not aligned with the usual detectives’ ways of solving crimes, in which they must present physical evidence.

This is when Young Su handed Ha Young a novel entitled ‘Mindhunter: Inside The FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit’ written by retired FBI Special Agent John E. Douglas and co-written by Mark Olshaker. It was first published in 1995. The novel is a non-fiction that covers the behind-the-scenes of gruesome and fascinating realities, including the things that you never thought of before – all in John’s 25 years of work in looking the devils in the eyes. 

THE NOVEL IS REAL, btw. It exists. Remember, this drama is based on a true story.

It also has been made into a US TV series called Mindhunter. The series went on for 2 seasons. Fans are asking for more, alas, the executive producer – David Fincher confirmed in 2023 that there will be no further season as he needs to focus on other works.

Mindhunter series. Can be watched across different platforms.

Through The Whole Plot

In the end, the Criminal Behavioural Analysis Team is created through hoops and loops. Ha Young was able to see where he really belonged and how he could help. Every case is nail-biting. You’ll be saying to yourself, ‘Okay, this is the last episode. I’ll go to sleep after this.’ Na ah, it’s not that easy.

They will spend around 2 to 3 episodes for a case. So you always continue watching the next episodes to satisfy your curiosity. And then, after they had solved the mystery, something appeared in teasing, making you more curious about what’s going to happen. 

Be careful, if you want to sleep, don’t watch the next episode’s preview. That’s how I lost.

This peaked when Ha Young started to do what FBI Special Agent John E. Douglas did during his time as a criminal profiler. That’s the selling point of Mindhunter TV series and that’s what makes Through The Darkness worth watching. How one can learn through a novel, and how it consumes the person.

A scene in the Mindhunter series
A scene in the Through The Darkness series

In a nutshell – to say that Through The Darkness is the best K-drama in those genres, might be not. But it could be one of the best. South Korea works in K-drama or K-movies always surpassing other countries’ production. They are famous for being meticulous and factually accurate. What’s more a drama based on a true story, it’s an easy reference for them. I give the series 7.5/10.

If you like reading about K-Contents, you can check our other posts here. Until then, TTO BOJA!


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