Valorant: Playing with A New Player


Valorant was released by Riot Games in 2020 as a free-to-play first-person shooter (F2P FPS) game. For those of you who have been begging your friends to play the game, you should take some notes if you do end up playing with the new players.

Basic Game Knowledge

Valorant: Playing with A New Player
Game Screenshot by Lyn (MugenMilano) from Valorant

First of all, check their level of knowledge related to the game. Some new players might have learnt about Valorant from watching you or others playing it.

However, some have close to zero knowledge whatsoever. This meant they wouldn’t know about the available classes and the agents’ abilities.

Teaching them the type of classes and the expectations their other teammates may have when it is being played is important. Although most Valorant veteran players are flexible in playing different classes, newbies might need to focus on only one to start with depending on their playstyles. It helps them not to feel overwhelmed when learning about the agents’ abilities.

Afterwards, allow them to explore the various types of guns and maps available in-game by either going for deathmatch, team deathmatch or custom game.

Once the basics are taught, they can test the water in Valorant’s main gameplay.

The Main Gameplay of Valorant

The main gameplay as we all know it is the 5v5 where the team either needs to detonate or defuse the spike as one of the win conditions. Pulling new players into several unranked matches or swiftplay is a good way to help them learn without affecting your rank. This also allows you not to take the game too seriously either.

Depending on your teaching style, you can either be detailed in guiding them or let them test things out themselves. Remember, there are fast learners and there are some who would need more time to get better at it. 

Either way, the rule of thumb here is to enjoy yourself regardless of winning or losing. Try not to mald when the newbie takes stupid actions. They do need to learn even if at the cost of losing. You can instead explain to them the different actions they could have taken in that situation later.

One last thing, some new players may not react to instructions properly because they don’t understand the terms that are being used in the game.

Teach Them The Valorant Lingo

Valorant: Playing with A New Player
Image Credit: DenizinDunyasi

Every game would often have their lingo which might not apply to other games. Some Valorant terms might be similar to other FPS games but if your friend has only ever played role-playing games (RPG) or other genres, they might get confused. 

Let’s take “flank” as an example. In RPG, this means that the player is surrounded by one or more enemies and is in its area of attack. However, in Valorant, a flank means the enemy is coming from the team’s original spawn area.

Make sure that the new player understands the call-out terms because it will help them get better at following instructions.

Playing Valorant is an enjoyable experience but please don’t push your friends too much if they are new. Some people quit playing games because of burnout, including Genshin Impact players, which you can read about here.

Frustration is understandable when gaming but do remember to stay kind and have fun!


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