We Wouldn’t Mind If Chainsaw Man Ended With Part 1

Chainsaw Man


It’s not that Part 2 of the Chainsaw Man manga is bad or anything. It’s still ongoing and it’s doing great. It’s just that the ending of Part 1 is so satisfying, that we wouldn’t mind if Tatsuki Fujimoto just stopped there. Warning, manga spoilers ahead.

Chainsaw Man - Chainsaw Bike
A chainsaw bike? Yep, Part 2 is doing well

For those who don’t know, Part 1 of Chainsaw Man manga is from Volume 1 to 11. In the anime, the manga was adapted from Volume 1 to 5. 

With that, let’s discuss and explain the final chapters of Part 1, and how it’s satisfying.

Makima’s Nobel Plan

Chainsaw Man - Makima Sama
Look at her. How is she the bad guy?

Makima might be one of the most perfect villains of all time. Her evil plan is both personal and disturbingly smart. To fully understand her plan, we need to understand two things – the concept of devils and Pochita.

In the Chainsaw Man universe, devils are creatures that embody human’s fear. If a word strikes fear to a human, a devil will exist to embody it. For example, humans are afraid of cockroaches and… uh… that one test you didn’t study for. So, Cockroach Devil and Test Devil could theoretically exist.

Chainsaw Man - Cockroach Devil
Cockroach Devil actually exists in the manga, by the way

The more people are scared of the name a devil embodies, the stronger they are. For example, the Cockroach Devil is theoretically stronger than the Dinosaur Devil. Although dinosaurs are much bigger and stronger than cockroaches, more people are scared of the bug and most people think dinosaurs are cool.

Now, Pochita is the Chainsaw Devil, a devil that embodies the fear of chainsaw. One weird ability of Pochita is that the devil he eats, the name it embodies will be erased from existence.

Chainsaw Man
Sounds confusing, huh?

For example, if Pochita eats Cockroach Devil, the universe will literally rewrite itself, as if cockroaches never existed in the first place.

With that, now let’s discuss Makima’s plan. Being the Control Devil, her plan is to ‘control’ Pochita, using him to eat every devil. If Pochita did that, then every concept that humans are scared of will cease to exist. War, famine, and death could be erased from history and humanity.

Humans will forever be in peace. Makima’s plan is noble.

Makima’s Disturbing Plan

Chainsaw Man - Makima
I’m sorry, Miss Makima

…but here’s why Makima’s plan is disturbing. Very disturbing. To understand why, we need to understand Pochita’s contract with Denji.

Chainsaw Man - Denji and Pochita
Pochita’s contract with Denji

Denji lives a horrible life. Extreme poverty and debts. When he’s killed by a group of yakuza, Pochita made a contract with Denji. Pochita will save Denji’s life. In return, Denji will live a happy normal life. 

The problem is Makima can only control the ones that are inferior to her. To make Denji weak, Makima must dilute Pochita’s contract with Denji…

So Makima gives Denji a job, money, and basically a normal life. She gives Aki as his big brother and Power as his little sister. Makima gives Denji a normal life… just so she could take it away from Denji.

Makima made Denji kill Aki. Makima killed Power in front of him. 

Chainsaw Man - The Gang
Denji’s new family

When Denji’s normal life is taken, the contract is broken. Denji will become weak enough for Makima to control him.

Chainsaw Man Allegory

Chainsaw Man
Denji’s philosophy 

One beautiful thing about Chainsaw Man manga is the allegory and its philosophy. 

Although Makima’s intention is inherently noble, there’s a reason why Denji won’t sacrifice himself and help Makima create utopia. 

Denji is raised by a neglectful father and a group of yakuza. Without knowing loneliness, Denji will never appreciate family. Without poverty, Denji will never appreciate money. Without pain, Denji will never appreciate pleasure.

The reason why Denji desires a normal life so much is because he lived a suffering and miserable life prior. 

Chainsaw Man
A normal life is everything Denji ever wanted
Chainsaw Man - The Real Chainsaw Man
‘Without pain, would humans learn and progress?”

And this makes Denji wonder, if bad things never existed, will humans even be able to know good things? Bad things that happened to us are miserable, it’s painful. But it’s here to teach us hope. To pray. To dream. To fight. To not take anything for granted. 

That’s the allegory of Chainsaw Man Part 1. And that’s beautiful writing. 

Chainsaw Man - Denji
Part 1 final panel
Chainsaw Man
Volume 11, the end of Part 1


What we’re trying to say is that the allegory of Part 1 is what made Chainsaw Man so amazing. The message is strong. The protagonists are developed. The antagonists are disturbingly menacing. 

If it just ended here, we wouldn’t even complain. It’s so phenomenal and perfect. A 10 out of 10 from us. 


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