What Made ‘The Marvels’ Flopped In Its Weekend Debut? 


‘The Marvels’ is out. And the news reported that its weekend debut gained the lowest money in the superhero movie industry. Even lower than ‘The Incredible Hulk’ and ‘The Flash’ (Click here to know what’s our take on the Flash.). But why does the sequel of the ‘Captain Marvel’ movie, which earned more than a billion dollars, perform poorly in the cinema? Let’s find out. 

It’s Really Fun

Before we start on the possible cause, it is worth noting that the movie is not bad at all. In fact, it is fun. The position-switching gimmick in the fight sequences work really well. It’s chaotic in a good way and it was so much fun to watch. It’s not even an exaggeration that this movie has one of the best fighting choreography in the MCU.

The scene where the Flerkens, the alien cat species, have to temporarily swallow humans from the SABER headquarters, is hilarious and really exciting. 

The Questionable Plot

However, the writers of the movie have some weird decisions on the plot that left the audience clueless. 

Why did Dar-Benn need to siphon clean air, water, and sun from three different planets? Wouldn’t it be quicker if she gets it all from one planet? Dar-Benn is racing against time to save her dying home planet Hala. If she truly blames Captain Marvel for the pollution of her planet then why didn’t she steal clean air, water, and a star all from Earth? It would be quicker and Captain Marvel will have less attempts to stop Dar-Benn.  

The Connection With Other MCU Projects

‘The Marvels’ can be considered as the indirect sequel to Captain Marvel, Wandavision, Ms Marvel, and Secret Invasion. This makes the audience wonder, is it worth it to watch more than 10 hours of content just to fully understand a two-hours movie? 

Regardless, even if you watch all of the said series, you are still left with questions!

If you watched Wandavision, you might be wondering how entering a magical barrier gives Rambeau a cosmic light energy?

Or in Ms Marvel, how did the Quantum Bands end up on two different planets?

Also, in Secret Invasion, you might be wondering why did Captain Marvel send fugitive Skrulls to Earth? Didn’t the American government declare war on Skrulls? And why did Fury behave so serious and depressed in the Secret Invasion and crack jokes every scene he’s in in ‘The Marvels’? 

As you can see, whether or not you watch all of the contents prior to ‘The Marvels’, you are still left with questions.

Stop Teasing and Start Showing 

It’s been a tradition in the MCU to have a gimmick at the end of the movie or during the post credit scene. A tease for future MCU projects. 

At the end of ‘The Marvels’, Kamala meets Kate Bishop, offering her a spot in a superhero team that she’s building. And during the post-credit scene, Rambeau is shown to be in a universe where X-Men exists.

Clearly, MCU is teasing for Young Avengers and X-Men projects but at this point… is it even worth to be hyped?

Scorpion is teased at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Hercules is teased at the end of Thor: Love and Thunder, Clea in Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness, the origin of the ten rings in Shang-Chi, and the Celestial named Tiamut is bulging from the core of Earth… all of these characters are teased and yet there are no continuation in the recent MCU projects for years.

The post-credit scenes in ‘The Marvels’ will be just one of many MCU’s cold cases. And the fans will lose faith in the teased characters appearing on the future MCU projects. 

Our Verdict

At this point, Marvel is focusing too much on the quantity of their content, not the quality. The fans feel like they are spammed and the casual audience will feel burdened to watch other contents to understand one movie. Fans do not want teases for upcoming projects. They want the good stuff now. 

Because of its many flaws, it is reasonable for us to rate ‘The Marvel’ as 3.5 out of 10. 


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