What Makes The Action Sequence in ‘Extraction 2’ Different Than Other Action Movies?


Since the birth of action flicks, the primordial masculine desire to watch cars explode and bullets being fired must be satiated for the boys. Among those action movies are Extraction 2. 

So. If you could have one good reason to watch Extraction 2, what would it be? Chris Hemsworth?

In all seriousness the best part of the movie is the action scenes. We are here to talk about what makes the action sequence in ‘Extraction 2’ different from other action movies.

One Shot Sequence

One-shot fight scenes that takes place from night till morning

We said it before in our previous movie review (click here), and we’ll say it again. You can never go wrong with fight scenes when ‘hallway’ and ‘one-shot’ are combined. Extraction 2 absolutely pushes its limit with its impressive 21 minutes one-shot sequence. 

The scene starts where Tyler Rake (Hemsworth) fights his way out through the prison riot, into the car chase scene, and finally ends with the train battle scene. From night until the sunrise. Literally. 

The perk of utilizing one-shot sequences in action movies is that the audience can feel the rush at the same pace as Tyler Rake. We’re basically experiencing the adrenaline in real time. 

Fight Choreography 

The best part of fight choreography in Extraction 2 is that it doesn’t feel choreographed. You can see the hesitations. Some of Tyler’s punches don’t land. The bad guys just barges into our hero with no calculated strategy. You can see Ketevan (played by Tinatin Dalakishvili) at the corner just randomly beating some guy with a shovel. It feels random. Therefore, it’s realistic. 

Ketevan and her shovel. Name a better duo.

The mistake that most action choreographers always make is that they usually try to cramp every martial art from every culture into one fight scene. It seems like the fight is choreographed and planned. And the audience won’t feel the stake. 

The Hero Is Not Immune

Another mistake that most action movie directors make is trying to make their heroes absolutely untouchable. Take the heroes of the Fast & Furious movie as an example. No villains can touch them. In every mission, they have no single scratch. They even beat the laws of physics.  Heck. They can’t even die.

But with Extraction 2, Tyler is not immune. He’s been shot. Stabbed. Pound to the ground. We can see blood gushing from him. We can feel his pain. We worry that he might die. It’s realistic. Even the early part of the movie is about Tyler recovering from the first Extraction movie. The injury is so bad that he even considered retiring. 

Tyler bleeds a lot in Extraction 2

When the director does this, the audience can feel the stake here and they will care about what will happen to our hero. The lesson is don’t make a hero flawless and untouchable. 

Simple Story

Let’s be real. When we’re watching action movies we’re not expecting an Oscar-level story. We need a simple, straightforward story. Any plot that makes sense for the hero to go out punching people. John Wick did the job well. Some thug killed his dog and he wanted revenge. That’s it. Extraction 2 is no different. Tyler gets a contract job to extract personnels from a prison. Easy. Now, let’s focus on taking down the bad guys.


We rate this movie 9/10. It’s an adrenaline rush and has one of the most realistic fight sequences. It’s currently available at the online streaming platform, Netflix. Please go check it out. 


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  1. In total agreement with this review. A damn good movie overall to watch with friends and family!

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